Sarıyer in Istanbul and Detailed Information About It

Sarıyer in Istanbul and Detailed Information About It

Sarıyer in Istanbul and Detailed Information About It

The Sarıyer in Istanbul, situated along the shores of the Bosphorus Strait and the meeting point of the strait with the Black Sea, boasts some of the most exquisite sea views in Istanbul. It is also home to major investment projects, making it one of Istanbul’s most upscale areas filled with luxurious projects, hotels, significant investment and commercial streets, and numerous other amenities previously unfamiliar to many about the Sarıyer region. In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive details about the renowned Sarıyer area, property prices in Sarıyer Istanbul, and the most significant real estate projects in Sarıyer, Istanbul. Follow along to discover the most beautiful and upscale areas of European Istanbul.

Sarıyer in Istanbul | History and Location:

The area of Sarıyer in Istanbul was previously known as “Beşiktaş” before 2009. After being declared a separate new municipality, its name changed to Sarıyer. Historically, there isn’t much information available about it except that it used to be vast forests with some Byzantine state observation points, small churches, and fishermen’s huts. However, when the Islamic conquest began and Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror’s army arrived in Constantinople, the Sarıyer area was chosen to establish the first Ottoman castle in the European part of Istanbul, the Rumeli Fortress. This fortress played a pivotal role in the conquest of Constantinople and remains a witness to the city’s conquest due to its location directly on the Bosphorus Strait.

After some years, it settled into its forests, and its forest was called the Belgrade Forest, a name it still holds. As for the name “Sarıyer,” there are several narratives. Initially, the meaning of Sarıyer was “Yellow Land.” It was named as such due to various accounts, the most significant being either a large undiscovered gold mine in the area or the presence of a special type of yellow flowers growing in the lands of Sarıyer, hence earning the name “Yellow Land.” Presently, Sarıyer stands as one of the largest and most modern areas in Istanbul, renowned for its sophistication, modernity, and beauty, counted among the most beautiful areas of European Istanbul.

Where is Sarıyer Located in Istanbul?

Sarıyer is situated on the European side of Istanbul, along the shores of the Bosphorus Strait, extending to the Black Sea, covering an expansive area of approximately 161 square kilometers. It has a population of around 300,000 inhabitants. Sarıyer stands out for its strategic location, connecting with four of the most important areas in European Istanbul. To the west, it connects with the Eyüpsultan region, to the south with Beşiktaş and Şişli, and to the southwest with Kağıthane. To its east lies the Bosphorus Strait, and to the north, the Black Sea. This makes it one of the most strategically significant areas in Istanbul. Sarıyer is divided into 9 main districts encompassing 38 residential neighborhoods distributed between the Bosphorus Strait and the Black Sea. All these neighborhoods are considered some of the most upscale in Istanbul, predominantly populated by investors, traders, major company owners, politicians, ambassadors, artists, and prominent businesspeople. Hence, luxurious villa projects with stunning sea views overlooking the Bosphorus and the Black Sea are abundant in this area. Sarıyer is close to the central business district of European Istanbul, Taksim Square, and many ancient historical landmarks and other tourist attractions in Istanbul.

موقع منطقة ساريير في اسطنبول
موقع منطقة ساريير في اسطنبول

Infrastructure in Sarıyer, Istanbul:

The Sarıyer in Istanbul is considered one of the most crucial residential, commercial, and investment areas in the city. It hosts a significant number of major commercial and investment projects and is home to one of Istanbul’s most important investment streets. Sarıyer holds a distinct position in Turkish governance as it is constantly evolving and receiving substantial attention, making it one of the most developed and culturally rich areas in old Istanbul. As a result, you’ll find wide streets, modern buildings, numerous commercial centers, and a plethora of recreational facilities. It is intricately connected to the surrounding areas through extensive transportation networks and houses massive population clusters, among the largest in Istanbul.

Transportation Sector:

Sarıyer encompasses an extensive transportation network that spans vast areas with wide streets connecting its neighborhoods. The E80 highway passes through the Sarıyer area, along with the Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Bridge, linking the ends of Istanbul and connecting Istanbul with other Turkish states. This road is situated in the southern part of Sarıyer. In the northern part of Sarıyer, there’s the most modern highway in Turkey, the Northern Marmara Highway, which connects with the third bridge in Istanbul over the Black Sea, known as one of the world’s largest suspension bridges. The Northern Marmara Highway extends to connect with Asian Istanbul and other Turkish states, running parallel to the E80 highway. Moreover, Sarıyer boasts a metro line linking the area with central Istanbul and reaching Taksim Square. Additionally, various types of transportation are available that connect Sarıyer with its surrounding areas.

خطوط المواصلات الرئيسية في ساريير في اسطنبول
خطوط المواصلات الرئيسية في ساريير في اسطنبول

The Healthcare Sector:

Sarıyer in Istanbul, is home to a large government hospital alongside numerous major private hospitals well-known in Istanbul and Turkey. Additionally, the Sarıyer area accommodates several healthcare centers offering various medical specializations. It also houses multiple therapeutic centers, clinics, medical and cosmetic facilities.

The Education Sector:

The Sarıyer area boasts a considerable number of both public and private schools, along with several prestigious governmental and private universities. Furthermore, Sarıyer hosts numerous educational centers and institutes catering to various scientific disciplines.

Public Government Facilities:

As an independent municipality, Sarıyer houses a dedicated municipal building, along with a courthouse, land registry directorate, civil registration directorate, tax directorate, and all other governmental centers necessary for residents to manage their legal transactions and daily affairs. This setup provides ease in obtaining any governmental document without the need to travel to the city center.

Public Amenities:

Sarıyer has undergone several developments and is characterized by modern housing systems in many of its neighborhoods, following the latest urban planning systems globally. It features the Bosphorus coastline, attracting tourists and Istanbul residents, offering various recreational activities. Sarıyer also provides swimming beaches along the Black Sea coast. The area boasts numerous public parks, serving as recreational spaces for residents, along with various entertainment and sports centers, stadiums, popular markets, cinemas, and other recreational venues. Moreover, Sarıyer in Istanbul houses several mosques, squares, and a distinctive coastal area, considered the largest and most beautiful in the region.

Markets and Malls:

Sarıyer, Istanbul, encompasses numerous popular markets, large luxurious malls, and well-known shopping centers like Istinye Park Mall, Vadistanbul Mall, MetroCity Mall, among others. Additionally, various commercial shops line the streets in all neighborhoods, facilitating easy access to daily necessities.

Prominent Tourist Attractions in Sarıyer, Istanbul:

Sarıyer stands as one of the most attractive areas in Istanbul due to its historical landmarks and various tourist attractions, attracting many foreign visitors for sightseeing or even residing.

: Rumeli Fortress in Sarıyer

Notable among these landmarks is the Rumeli Fortress in Sarıyer, situated directly on the Bosphorus Strait. It was the first castle built on the European side of Istanbul by the Ottomans, constructed by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror to serve as the starting point for the conquest of Constantinople. The construction of Rumeli Fortress is considered a significant architectural marvel, completed within only four months despite the challenging terrain. Historically, its purpose was to block supplies from the Black Sea to Constantinople, effectively imposing a blockade to aid in its conquest. Rumeli Fortress stands as one of the most important Ottoman castles in Turkey and the world, attracting thousands of tourists to marvel at its beauty and immerse themselves in Ottoman history.

قلعة روملي حصار في ساريير اسطنبول
قلعة روملي حصار في ساريير اسطنبول

Sakıp Sabancı Museum :

Sakıp Sabancı Museum is located in Sarıyer, IstanbSakıp Sabancı Museumul. It is housed within a historic Ottoman palace and features numerous Ottoman manuscripts, ancient copies of the Quran, along with a collection of drawings and ancient Ottoman artifacts.

متحف ساكيب سابانجي Sakıp Sabancı في ساريير اسطنبول
متحف ساكيب سابانجي Sakıp Sabancı في ساريير اسطنبول

: Emirgan Park in Sarıyer, Istanbul

Emirgan Park in Sarıyer, Istanbul, is situated directly on the Bosphorus Strait, offering a direct and splendid view of it. It stands as one of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Istanbul, housing numerous recreational activities along with distinct family settings. The park features extensive water bodies, an artificial river, and playgrounds for children. Emirgan Park attracts a large number of Istanbul residents and foreign tourists visiting the city, especially during holidays and the summer season.”

حديقة اميرجان في ساريير اسطنبول
حديقة اميرجان في ساريير اسطنبول
اطلالة حديقة اميرجان على مضيق البوسفور  في ساريير اسطنبول
اطلالة حديقة اميرجان على مضيق البوسفور في ساريير اسطنبول

Belgrad Forest in Sarıyer, Istanbul :

Belgrad Forest in Sarıyer, Istanbul, spans a vast area within the Sarıyer region, covering approximately 345 hectares. It harbors over 2000 species of

plants and trees. Belgrad Forest is considered one of the most significant recreational parks for Istanbul’s residents and is highly frequented, attracting a large number of Istanbul’s population during holidays for barbecues and relaxation. The forest encompasses some natural water bodies, including seven natural lakes, along with Atatürk Arboretum, dedicated to agricultural necessities. Moreover, Belgrad Forest serves as a distinctive destination for camping enthusiasts, drawing thousands of visitors during the summer season.

منطقة ساريير في اسطنبول ومعلومات تفصيلية عنها 09
غابات بلغراد في ساريير اسطنبول

The Istinye Port in Sarıyer, Istanbul :

The Istinye Port in Sarıyer, Istanbul, attracts numerous visitors daily, drawn by its tea gardens located along its shores. Visitors frequent the port for tea

drinking, fishing, and engaging in various other recreational activities. Additionally, the port houses a large basin for shipbuilding, accommodating a considerable number of maritime vessels.

ميناء استينيا في ساريير اسطنبول
ميناء استينيا في ساريير اسطنبول

The Istinye Park in Sarıyer :

The Istinye Park in Sarıyer, Istanbul, is renowned for being one of the famous parks in the Sarıyer area. It attracts numerous tourists daily due to the

presence of a commercial mall within its premises, namely Istinye Park Mall. This mall stands as one of the largest shopping centers in the Sarıyer region and is among the most renowned shopping malls in Istanbul.

مول وحديقة استينيا بارك في ساريير اسطنبول
مول وحديقة استينيا بارك في ساريير اسطنبول

Kireçburnu Ivoire Coast Sarıyer ,Istanbul

Kireçburnu Ivoire Coast is located in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul, situated along the Bosphorus Strait. It is considered one of the most famous tourist

spots in Istanbul due to its spectacular view overlooking the entrance of the Bosphorus Strait from the Black Sea side. This location is widely used for filming Turkish TV series due to its distinctive view in Istanbul. The coast features seating areas, playgrounds for children, various recreational activities, and cafes, making it a popular destination for visitors.

ساحل كريتشورنو في ساريير اسطنبول Kireçburnu Ivoire
ساحل كريتشورنو في ساريير اسطنبول Kireçburnu Ivoire

Property Prices in Sarıyer, Istanbul:

Property prices in Sarıyer, Istanbul, are among the highest in the city due to its proximity to the center of Istanbul and its location along the Bosphorus Strait. Sarıyer is the third most expensive area for real estate in Turkey and is considered one of the safest regions regarding earthquakes, according to governmental classifications in Istanbul. The high property prices in Sarıyer result from several factors:

  1. High demand for purchasing properties in Sarıyer, as it is one of Istanbul’s luxurious neighborhoods.
  2. A considerable number of apartments for sale in Sarıyer barely cover the high demand for property purchases in the area.
  3. Numerous upscale residential, commercial, and investment projects in Sarıyer.
  4. Sarıyer’s reputation among Turks and foreigners who visit Istanbul for residence, investment, tourism, and leisure.
  5. Its direct location along the Bosphorus Strait and the Black Sea coast.
  6. A vast transportation network and large roadways within Sarıyer, including two expressways and two bridges over the Bosphorus Strait.
  7. The enchanting sea views of the Bosphorus Strait, the Black Sea, and green landscapes overlooking the Bosphorus hills and Belgrade forests.
  8. Significant urban development in Sarıyer, upgrading its infrastructure to become one of the most modern in Istanbul.
  9. Diverse property types in Sarıyer, including residential, investment, commercial, and hotel properties, along with luxurious villa projects with views of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.
  10. Abundant public services available within the Sarıyer area in Istanbul.
  11. Known for its tranquility, natural beauty, and low congestion despite its proximity to the city center.
  12. Close proximity to Taksim Square, Şişli, and other historical and touristic sites in Istanbul.

Property prices in Sarıyer vary from one neighborhood to another based on various factors and property demand. Generally, the closer the property is to the Bosphorus Strait, the higher the price. Additionally, due to numerous projects, property values tend to escalate rapidly in Sarıyer.

Investing in Sarıyer, Istanbul:

Sarıyer is one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul, hosting one of the city’s key investment streets, Maslak Street. This street is a major commercial and investment hub with numerous global company headquarters, commercial centers, and large hotels. Maslak Street is known for its high property prices in Istanbul. The residential Maslak district is located within Belgrade Forest and hosts some of the largest real estate projects in Istanbul, comprising residential, investment, commercial, and hotel projects. The projects predominantly feature high-rise towers with views of the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus, and the Black Sea.

As Sarıyer boasts many tourist attractions and is close to Istanbul’s city center, buying property in this area is considered one of the prime investments in Istanbul. Properties in Sarıyer can be leased for significant amounts, and their resale can yield substantial profits, given that property prices in Sarıyer tend to increase rapidly and seldom decrease.

Prominent Real Estate Projects in Sarıyer, Istanbul:

For those seeking apartments for sale in Sarıyer, Istanbul, there are numerous luxurious residential projects in the area. These ready-to-move-in projects offer apartments for sale in Sarıyer, albeit at relatively high prices. Alternatively, for those looking for inexpensive apartments for sale in Sarıyer, off-plan residential projects are available, though they are cheaper concerning Sarıyer’s property market, but not in comparison to broader Istanbul’s property market.

“Invest Vadi” Project:

The “Invest Vadi” project, currently under construction, is suitable for residence and investment. It is being built in a distinctive location directly overlooking the famous Belgrade forests, a few minutes from the city center. The project comprises residential and hotel towers, commercial towers, and seven luxurious villas for private living enthusiasts. “Invest Vadi” is one of the most luxurious projects in the Sarıyer area, with high real estate evaluations, suitable for investment, and eligibility for Turkish citizenship upon ownership.

مشروع Invest Vadi شقق للبيع في سراير اسطنبول N-281-03
مشروع Invest Vadi شقق للبيع في سراير اسطنبول N-281-03

“The Saklı Vadİ Project (SAKLI VADİ)”

The Saklı Vadİ (Hidden Valley) Project is an expansive residential, investment, and commercial development, considered one of the significant projects in the Vadİ Istanbul area within Sarıyer. The Saklı Vadİ Project is among the luxurious ventures in the Vadİ Istanbul region, with a high real estate rating, making it suitable for those interested in acquiring Turkish citizenship through property investment in Istanbul.

مشروع ساكلي وادي SAKLI VADİ شقق للبيع في وادي اسطنبول N-289-03
مشروع ساكلي وادي SAKLI VADİ شقق للبيع في وادي اسطنبول N-289-03

“The Maslak Koru Project (MASLAK KORU)”

The Maslak Koru Project is an under-construction residential development situated in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul within the Vadİ Istanbul area. The project is distinguished by its proximity to and panoramic views of the Belgrade Forest, its close proximity to the Bosphorus Strait, and its proximity to the city center of Istanbul.

مشروع مسلك كورو MASLAK KORU شقق في ساريير للبيع - N-
مشروع مسلك كورو MASLAK KORU شقق في ساريير للبيع – N-

“The Rams Beyond Project (RAMS BEYOND)”

One of the most luxurious and significant residential and investment projects in Istanbul, the Rams Beyond Project boasts a stunning architectural design created by one of the most prominent specialized engineers in building design. It is set to become one of Istanbul’s key landmarks, distinguished by an unprecedented height in the city that offers enchanting panoramic views of the Belgrade Forest, the Bosphorus Strait, and Istanbul city, providing an unusual and captivating perspective. The Rams Beyond Project is considered one of the most lavish and prestigious residential and investment projects in Istanbul, offering a unique living experience with the provision of the highest quality leisure and social amenities. This project is suitable for both residency, investment purposes, and offers the direct benefit of obtaining Turkish citizenship upon purchasing a unit within the development.

مشروه رامس بيوند RAMS BEYOND شقق للبيع في مسلك اسطنبول-02
مشروه رامس بيوند RAMS BEYOND شقق للبيع في مسلك اسطنبول-02

“The Therra Park Project”

Therra Park is a luxurious residential project situated in one of the most prominent residential neighborhoods in the Trabia region, under the administration of the Sarıyer municipality. Offering a direct view of the Bosphorus Strait and in close proximity to the marina area of Sarıyer, it stands as one of the upscale projects suitable for residence, investment, and the immediate acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

شقق للبيع في ترابيا في اسطنبول مشروع Therra Park - N-223-02
شقق للبيع في ترابيا في اسطنبول مشروع Therra Park – N-223-02


The Sarıyer area in Istanbul stands as one of the most important residential regions, known for its elegance and luxury. As previously mentioned, most of its residents include businessmen, politicians, and other well-known personalities. Given Sarıyer’s unique qualities, its population comprises exceptional individuals. Notably, there are many Gulf princes who have purchased villas or apartments within the major projects, confirming Sarıyer as a luxurious and distinctive investment area. Here, one can obtain distinctive upscale housing and achieve significant returns within short periods.

At Turkey Step, we can assist you in finding the best residential and investment real estate offers in Sarıyer. We act as agents for numerous residential and investment projects in Sarıyer and Istanbul, officially licensed by the Turkish government to provide top-notch real estate services in Istanbul. Therefore, if you are considering buying an apartment in Istanbul for residence or investment, feel free to contact our sales department representatives to get the best real estate deal at a competitive price.

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