information about Arnavutköy in Istanbul

information about Arnavutköy in Istanbul

information about Arnavutköy in Istanbul:

Arnavutköy, located in European Istanbul, is the city’s largest and most verdant municipal area. It boasts the largest green cover in the city and is a focal point for numerous modern projects outlined by the Turkish government across its vast, uninhabited spaces. Recognized for having the prime investment lands in Istanbul, it is currently in high demand for purchase. Notably, the Turkish Canal Project is planned to pass through this area, which is also home to one of Turkey and Europe’s most significant airports. This article aims to introduce you to Arnavutköy in European Istanbul, highlighting its features and key projects. Continue reading to delve into this renowned area.

Arnavutköy in European Istanbul: History and Location

Arnavutköy in European Istanbul stands as one of the oldest inhabited areas in the city. It hosts some ancient Roman castles scattered around its parts adjacent to the Black Sea. These were believed to have served as fortifications for Constantinople or the ancient Roman Empire. Following the Islamic conquest of Constantinople and the rule of the Ottoman Empire over the area, it began adopting its Islamic character, evident through the construction of numerous mosques that persist in the region to this day.

After the establishment of the Turkish state and the end of Ottoman rule, Arnavutköy remained a district under the jurisdiction of the Sultan Ayoub municipality, along with the Ghazi Osman Pasha area. However, in 1994, it separated from Ghazi Osman Pasha as a new district, becoming an entirely separate municipality from Sultan Ayoub. Consequently, Arnavutköy became an independent municipality and joined other municipalities in Istanbul.

Where is Arnavutköy Located in Istanbul?

Arnavutköy is situated in the northern part of Istanbul along the Black Sea coast, covering an extensive area. Its total area is approximately 506 square kilometers, inhabited by around a quarter of a million people, slightly more. The region predominantly maintains a rural character and is considered the largest reservoir of fresh water in Istanbul, boasting the most extensive green cover in European Istanbul. Natural lakes and several dams are found here, collecting water for distribution throughout the city. Additionally, it has a lengthy coastline along the Black Sea, stretching from Sultan Ayoub to Catalca in western Istanbul.

Arnavutköy distinguishes itself with its vast expanse and its connections to five significant key areas in European Istanbul. It borders the Black Sea to the north, Sultan Ayoub to the east, and Basaksehir, Esenyurt, and Buyukcekmece to the south. To the west, it has wide connections with the Catalca area. Arnavutköy stands out as the new investment hub in European Istanbul for several reasons, which we will outline later in the article.

Arnavutköy, Istanbul | Infrastructure:

Arnavutköy stands out due to its strategic location in Istanbul, linked to surrounding areas through an extensive network of various transportation modes. However, this area possesses its unique character in the city due to its abundant agricultural lands and predominant rural dwellings. It harbors numerous scattered villages amidst its valleys and mountains, in addition to the Arnavutköy municipality center. The region accommodates various types of residences, from luxurious housing projects to small residential buildings and luxurious villas. It can be said that Arnavutköy is an area constantly evolving. In recent years, it has attracted attention after the approval of several major government projects constructed on its lands, transforming it from remote territories into the largest investment area in Istanbul.

Key Government Projects in Arnavutköy, Istanbul:

As previously mentioned, Arnavutköy has its distinct rural village atmosphere, which used to define its identity. However, it is now the primary investment destination in Istanbul, owing to the construction of major government projects on its lands. Here are three of the most significant ongoing projects in Arnavutköy, Istanbul:

  • Istanbul’s Third Airport:

Istanbul’s new airport is one of the world’s largest airports, recognized with multiple accolades and setting several world records. It was inaugurated in 2019 and has since broken records across various domains. It secured the first position as the best airport in the world in 2022 and was classified as a 5-star airport in the same year. Additionally, it was awarded as the best airport in Europe in 2020. Istanbul Airport is Turkey’s largest airport, the third-largest in Europe, and the sixth-largest globally. Annually, it welcomes millions of passengers. In 2022 alone, the number of passengers entering Istanbul Airport exceeded 95 million. This vast airport boasts 6 runways for aircraft and 4 arrival halls, facilitating daily flights to over 1,229 destinations worldwide. Therefore, it stands as one of Istanbul’s most colossal projects, constructed on the lands of Arnavutköy, Istanbul.

Canal istanbul Project :

The New Istanbul Water Canal Project, also known as the “New Bosphorus,” is hailed as Turkey’s project of the century, a topic of discussion for several years until its approval in 2020. Implementation commenced in 2021. It stands as one of Turkey’s largest projects and is considered the most significant profitable investment project in the country. The project entails the creation of a water canal stretching from the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea, dividing European Istanbul into two sections.

This canal is slated to serve as the official alternative to the Bosphorus Strait for the passage of commercial ships between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, and vice versa. The project’s completion is expected by 2027, according to the outlined plan for canal excavation. Spanning across extensive areas of Arnavutköy, the canal’s trajectory has elevated Arnavutköy’s status as a paramount investment zone in European Istanbul. This is due to the fact that it will be situated along both banks of the New Istanbul Water Canal. Consequently, its lands fall within the developmental government projects associated with the Istanbul Water Canal Project, which were announced at the inception of the project. Recently, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced new projects in Arnavutköy and the areas situated along the banks of the Istanbul Water Canal. (To explore details of the Istanbul Water Canal Project, you can read the full project information by clicking here.)

The project of the new city, Yeni Şehir :

“The project of the new city, Yeni Şehir, extends over a vast area of land in the Arnavutköy region, situated on the banks of the Istanbul Waterway. It’s a versatile residential, commercial, and investment development project. President Erdogan announced it during a special conference in 2023. The project aims to construct two fully serviced residential cities accommodating over 2 million people along the shores of the new Istanbul Waterway. The objective is to revitalize the Arnavutköy area and other regions along the Istanbul Waterway. It is expected that these two cities will become the largest investment hubs in Turkey in the coming years.

Following this decision, investments have begun to flow into the Arnavutköy area. Registrations have opened for numerous housing projects, formed through partnerships between the Kuğu Construction Company, TOKI (Mass Housing Administration), and various other Turkish construction firms. These projects aim to build residential and commercial complexes in areas along the banks of the waterway. As a result, Arnavutköy has emerged as the prime investment location in Istanbul. (To learn more about the comprehensive Yeni Şehir project, you can click here.)”


Arnavutköy is easily accessible through an extensive transportation network that links it to surrounding areas. The area is serviced by a metro subway line that transports passengers from the center of European Istanbul to various districts within the region, with plans to extend it to Istanbul Airport. Additionally, there is the North Marmara Highway, running parallel to the E80 expressway, which is one of the newest expressways in Istanbul. This highway is connected to the city’s Third Bridge and links to the E80 expressway through several major interchanges, facilitating access to the center of Istanbul or any other location within the city. Notably, the new Istanbul Water Canal and the associated major projects are integral to transportation developments in the region.

Health Sector:

Within the Arnavutköy area in Istanbul, there exists a public hospital along with several private hospitals distributed across various neighborhoods in the region. Arnavutköy also accommodates numerous healthcare centers and medical clinics of diverse specialties. Moreover, the approval for constructing several healthcare centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities has been granted in areas located within Arnavutköy, positioned along the banks of the new Istanbul Water Canal, and as part of the planning for the Yeni Şehir (New City) project.

Education Sector:

Arnavutköy in Istanbul currently does not house universities, yet accessing universities in the city center from Arnavutköy is convenient. However, plans are underway to construct universities within the New City in Arnavutköy, according to the region’s regulatory plans. Presently, Arnavutköy hosts numerous schools, both public and private, as well as various educational centers catering to diverse disciplines.

Government Sector:

As Arnavutköy constitutes a separate municipality in Istanbul, it includes a municipal center, a civil registration office, a tax department, and all other governmental facilities facilitating residents in obtaining various governmental services required by any citizen in the area.

Public Facilities:

Arnavutköy is a residential, commercial, and investment area spread across vast spaces, with a relatively small population compared to other expansive regions. Nevertheless, it hosts numerous public facilities serving the area’s residents. These include numerous mosques and places of worship, plentiful gardens, forests, and green hills. Additionally, there are many playgrounds scattered across various neighborhoods in the area. The Black Sea coastline features several beaches dedicated to swimming and relaxation. Moreover, the region boasts vast popular markets sprawling across its expanse.

Best Investment Methods in Arnavutköy, Istanbul:

There are various investment opportunities in the Arnavutköy area, which has become one of the most significant investment regions in Istanbul in

recent times. Despite having large unutilized areas, some investors may be hesitant to invest in Arnavutköy. This assumption is incorrect, considering that the Istanbul Water Canal project and the Yeni Şehir development are still under progress and in the initial construction phases. Thus, the transformation in the area is not immediately visible. However, significant changes are anticipated after completing the groundwork for the ongoing projects. Among the best investment methods recently sought after by Turkish and foreign investors is purchasing land situated within the regulatory plan of the Yeni Şehir and along the banks of the new Istanbul Water Canal. Thousands of land plots are available for sale in these areas. Investors can purchase plots strategically, benefiting from the rising land prices within these areas in 2022-2023, especially following the announcement of the new zoning plan for the areas alongside the Istanbul Water Canal. This strategy allows investors seeking high returns within a few years to buy multiple land plots in various locations within Arnavutköy that fall within the new city’s zoning plan. They can obtain property ownership documents, build residential or commercial structures based on the land’s location, and either develop or leave them idle until the right time, capitalizing on the increased square meter prices to resell these plots and yield substantial profits. At Turkey Step Real Estate, we have hundreds of land plots available for sale within the new city’s zoning plan, offering exclusive deals on a wide range of land options at competitive prices.

The best investments in Arnavutköy :

The best investments in Arnavutköy currently are within the framework of the new city plan known as “Yeni Şehir” (New City) that extends along the

banks of the new Istanbul Canal. Thousands of land plots are available for sale in this area, and one can easily witness a notable rise in land prices within these zones during the years 2022 to 2023, especially after the announcement of the new zoning plan for the areas bordering the Istanbul Canal. Consequently, those seeking investment opportunities and a high-profit return within a few years can purchase multiple land plots scattered across Arnavutköy within the newly regulated city area. Acquiring these lands with property deeds allows for the construction of residential or commercial buildings based on the land’s location. They can either be developed or left vacant until the opportune time arrives, witnessing an increase in square meter prices, enabling their resale for a significant profit. At Turkey Step Real Estate, we possess hundreds of land parcels available for sale within the areas outlined in the new city plan. You can access exclusive offers from Turkey Step Real Estate, providing numerous investment options at advantageous prices within the newly regulated city area.

information about Arnavutköy in Istanbul |
information about Arnavutköy in Istanbul |


Arnavutköy currently doesn’t host many residential projects, but soon it will become the prime destination for major Turkish and international construction companies, especially before the completion of the Istanbul Canal excavation. Consequently, numerous construction firms are currently purchasing vacant land in the area for development, especially after the approval of the Yeni Şehir project. Therefore, if you’re a savvy investor seeking substantial returns, don’t hesitate to purchase land in Arnavutköy or the areas along the Istanbul Canal, stretching from Lake Küçükçekmece to the Black Sea, administratively affiliated with Başakşehir and Arnavutköy. We, at Turkey Step Real Estate, represent hundreds of plots along the banks of the Istanbul Canal within the Yeni Şehir new city area. All you need to do is contact our sales team, select the land plot that suits you from among the numerous investment-oriented options available, offering various building permits for residential and commercial purposes. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; get in touch with us and start your investment now.

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