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A real estate company in Turkey, which is a large-scale real estate company in Turkey with its headquarters in Istanbul, founded in 2015

Turkey Step views Turkey as a destination for real estate investors, due to its unparalleled economic growth
Therefore, investors turned to ownership and investment in Turkey to be with them step by step in Turkey

Turkey Step focuses on reliable projects, with government guarantee in the first place, and provides its services before and after purchase, starting from booking travel and receiving from the airport, through real estate tours of appropriate projects, all the way to following up on the title deed, managing the property, furnishing it, and preparing it for use or renting it as desired.

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Professional agents

Through our work in the Turkish real estate market, we have great experience in the field of real estate and choosing the appropriate property for each client according to his request, so we provide the best service.

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Safe selling

You can be comfortable buying a property in Istanbul and guarantee your rights, as you are dealing with a company licensed by the Turkish government to work in the field of real estate marketing.

Our vision

Türkiye is one of the best countries for investment

Turkey is one of the best countries in our time to start a successful investment because it was able, in a short period, to reach the 18th place globally as the strongest economy in the world. Therefore, we give our clients everything they aspire to in order to reach a successful investment and achieve the highest annual profit return, in addition to that we We help them choose the most suitable properties in Istanbul and buy the best  through many exceptional offers in order to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property in Turkey.

Türkiye ranks on the list of the strongest economy in the world


The rank of the Turkish passport in the list of the most powerful passports in the world

Our Agents
Our distinguished team

Our experts in the real estate field

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Yamen Badawi

General manager


Aya Abdullah

Sales Manager

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Abdulkareem shbeeb

Marketing Director

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