Ümraniye in Istanbul and detailed information

Ümraniye in Istanbul and detailed information :

Ümraniye in Istanbul and detailed information :

Ümraniye district in Asian Istanbul is one of the largest residential areas in the Asian side of the city, boasting a prestigious and well-established name

along with a prime location. In this article, we’ll delve into Ümraniye and explore its location, rich history, and significant real estate projects. This aims to provide prospective buyers seeking apartments in Istanbul with an overview of the residential and commercial projects in the area

Ümraniye in Asian Istanbul | History and Location:

The history of Ümraniye in Istanbul dates back to the ancient Byzantine Empire era when the area was known as “Mamora.” It was under Byzantine rule until the Ottomans acquired and incorporated it into the Ottoman territories. Over time, the region saw a gradual transition from a small rural area to a vibrant residential and commercial zone during the 20th century. Ümraniye witnessed substantial population growth and urban development, particularly after receiving significant governmental attention. It became an independent municipality separate from the Esküdar district in Istanbul in 1987. This led to the establishment of diverse residential and commercial projects and the modernization of infrastructure, transforming the area into a major urban center in Asian Istanbul.

Presently, Ümraniye stands as a modern and thriving district in Istanbul, continuing to evolve, grow, and attract numerous residents and investors.

Where is Ümraniye located in Asian Istanbul?

Ümraniye is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey, almost at the heart of Asian Istanbul. It is bordered by various other districts, such as Ataşehir to the southeast, Maltepe to the southwest, Sancaktepe to the northeast, Beykoz to the northwest, and Üsküdar to the west. This central location distinguishes Ümraniye, connecting all these areas through an extensive network of transportation. Major roads like the E80 highway and the TEM (Trans-European Motorway) link Ümraniye to other parts of Istanbul, facilitating easy access from different neighborhoods and nearby regions. Additionally, the district is well-served by public transportation, including an extensive metro network and a large number of bus routes, ensuring convenient travel to and from the area.

Overall, Ümraniye’s central and convenient location in Istanbul makes it an attractive destination for residents and visitors seeking comfortable living spaces and easy access to other areas within the city.

“The infrastructure in the Ümraniye district of Asian Istanbul:

The Ümraniye district in Asian Istanbul boasts an advanced and comprehensive infrastructure, making it a distinctive and strategic vibrant area. Its strategic location, connecting several regions with each other, particularly as it sits at an intermediate point among more than five municipalities, binds them together through the Ümraniye district. Now, let’s delve into the details of the infrastructure in the Ümraniye district in Asian Istanbul as follows:

منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول و معلومات تفصيلية لا تعرفها عنها
منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول و معلومات تفصيلية لا تعرفها عنها

Diverse public transportation options are available in Ümraniye, including a comprehensive metro network connected to the Marmaray Metro network. This network connects the European and Asian sides of Istanbul via the Eurasia Sea Tunnel, with branches to several stations within Ümraniye and its surrounding areas. Additionally, there’s an extensive bus network and other public transportation options, enabling residents and visitors to easily travel to and from the area and reach various parts of Istanbul.

Roads and Highways:
There are main roads linking Ümraniye to other areas in Istanbul, facilitating convenient access. These highways include E80, TEM (Trans-European Motorway), and D100. All these roads connect Ümraniye with its surrounding areas, as well as link it to European Istanbul, other Turkish states, and Europe via the E80 highway.

Given Ümraniye’s dense and populous nature, it houses numerous government and private schools, including primary, middle, and high schools. Furthermore, the area accommodates universities and multiple educational institutions, including institutes and other educational facilities.

Ümraniye hosts various hospitals and medical centers, providing diverse healthcare, medical, and therapeutic services within the area without the need to travel elsewhere.

Public Facilities:
Ümraniye contains several important public facilities such as libraries, cultural centers, mosques, sports centers, public parks, and gardens. These facilities offer opportunities for entertainment, relaxation, and engaging in sports activities.

Commercial and Shopping Centers:
Ümraniye comprises numerous commercial centers and large malls, including a major market in the heart of the district. This allows residents and visitors to enjoy shopping and entertainment experiences.

In general, Ümraniye provides a comfortable residential environment and a diverse community with the necessary infrastructure for daily life. This infrastructure enhances the area’s appeal to both investors and residents, making it a strategically important area in Asian Istanbul.

Key Tourist and Historical Sites in Ümraniye, Asian Istanbul:

Ümraniye is a large district in Istanbul that doesn’t house many ancient historical landmarks except for a few Ottoman-era mosques or museums. Being an inland area without a coastal presence, it was predominantly covered by forests in the past. However, here are several tourist landmarks within Ümraniye that visitors interested in a tour or considering residing in the area might find appealing:

1 – Ümraniye National Park:

Ümraniye National Park is the prime destination for locals, especially during official holidays and weekends. It gets crowded in the summer with visitors coming to enjoy its natural beauty and artificial water bodies. The park offers various recreational activities, children’s playgrounds, cafes, restaurants, family gatherings, and barbecue spots.

منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول و معلومات تفصيلية لا تعرفها عنها
حديقة الأمة في منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول

“2 – Dudullu Tepesi Summit in Ümraniye, Istanbul:

Dudullu Tepesi Summit in Ümraniye, Istanbul, is the highest peak in the Ümraniye region. Many residents of the area visit this summit to enjoy the breathtaking views overlooking the Ümraniye district in Asian Istanbul.

منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول و معلومات تفصيلية لا تعرفها عنها
قمة دودوللو في منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول

“3 – Şile Yolu Forest in Ümraniye, Istanbul:

The Şile Yolu Forest in Ümraniye, Istanbul, stands as one of the most beautiful and extensive forests in Istanbul. It receives thousands of daily visitors eager to revel in its enchanting nature. People frequent this forest seeking spacious areas for sports activities, running, and the refreshing, oxygen-filled air it provides.

منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول و معلومات تفصيلية لا تعرفها عنها
غابة شيلا يولو في منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول

“4 – Hakim Pasha Palace in Ümraniye, Istanbul:

Hakim Pasha Palace in Ümraniye, Istanbul, is one of the historic and archaeological palaces in Istanbul, constructed in the 19th century. It attracts many visitors to Istanbul who are keen on witnessing historical landmarks and admirers of the ancient Ottoman architectural style embodied in the structure.

5 – Ahlamurkoy Forest in Ümraniye, Istanbul:

Ahlamurkoy Forest in Ümraniye, Istanbul, stands as one of the significant tourist destinations in Asian Istanbul. It is renowned for its natural beauty, refreshing pure air, and the presence of numerous restaurants, cafes, and tranquil spots.

6 – Ümraniye Çarşı Market in Istanbul:

Ümraniye Çarşı Market is one of the largest popular markets in Asian Istanbul, stretching along a long street in the center of Ümraniye district. It houses a considerable number of shops offering various local and international brands. The market is visited daily by thousands of visitors for shopping and entertainment.

منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول و معلومات تفصيلية لا تعرفها عنها
سوق العمرانية في منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول

“7 – Commercial Malls in Ümraniye, Istanbul:

Within the Ümraniye district in Asian Istanbul, there are several commercial malls housing a wide array of shops of all kinds, along with numerous entertainment venues similar to other large malls in Istanbul. Some of these malls include:

  • IKEA Mall.
  • Pupa Park Mall.
  • Meydan Mall.
  • Jan Park Mall

Real Estate Prices in Ümraniye, Asian Istanbul:

Real estate prices in the Ümraniye district of Asian Istanbul are relatively moderate. These prices vary based on several factors such as the precise location within Ümraniye, property size, condition, amenities, proximity to transportation, building age, among others, like in other areas. It’s worth noting that prices are subject to change and are influenced by fluctuations in the Turkish real estate market.

In general, real estate in Ümraniye ranges from moderate to high prices. It’s possible to find reasonably priced medium-sized apartments for sale in Ümraniye, and there are also luxurious apartments within residential complexes in the area. Many of these projects are currently being developed. One such project is the ‘Yaman Evler’ project, which is one of the largest residential projects in Asian Istanbul. It boasts a strategic location in the heart of Ümraniye, close to a metro station and the highway. The project consists of 11 residential towers and offers luxurious social and recreational amenities with stunning views of Istanbul. It is considered suitable for both living and investment purposes in Istanbul and for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول و معلومات تفصيلية لا تعرفها عنها
مشروع يمان إيفلار Yaman Evler في منطقة العمرانية في اسطنبول

CEVHER Project:

CEVHER Project (CEVHER Project)” is an ongoing residential investment project being constructed in one of the most important residential neighborhoods in the Ümraniye district. It stands as a promising project in Ümraniye, particularly because the construction company is focused on building a distinctive project with a luxurious modern design while prioritizing greenery and nature within the development.

The project consists of seven buildings reaching up to 10 floors, housing residential apartments of various sizes, diverse layouts, and multiple views. Additionally, it offers high-quality and diverse recreational and social amenities within the premises. This project is assessed as suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship and is suitable for individuals interested in purchasing property in Istanbul for residence or investment purposes, offering a promising return on investment.

Çekmeköy Project :

Çekmeköy Project” is an ongoing residential investment project situated in a prime location near pine forests. It stands among the residential

developments that offer a unique and distinctive living opportunity in the area. The project comprises 11 low-rise building blocks, each with only four floors, housing residential apartments of various sizes, layouts, and diverse views, both internal and external.

The Çekmeköy Project presents an exclusive living opportunity in a tranquil and sophisticated setting, surrounded by fresh air. It caters to individuals seeking to reside in serene and upscale areas with clean air, green views, away from noise and congestion. Additionally, it is suitable for both residence and investment purposes, offering the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship. It is particularly suitable for those searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul for investment and direct eligibility for Turkish citizenship.

مشروع شيكمة كوي Çekmeköy
مشروع شيكمة كوي Çekmeköy في العمرانية في اسطنبول

Exen Konakları Project :

Exen Konakları Project” is being developed in one of the most significant residential neighborhoods in the Ümraniye area of Asian Istanbul. The project stands out due to its distinctive construction methodology, usage of high-quality materials, and incorporation of the latest architectural techniques. It is considered one of the promising investment projects in Asian Istanbul and is assessed with a high real estate rating suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship directly through the purchase of a property in Istanbul, either for investment purposes or for residential purposes.

مشروع إيكسن كونكلاري Exen konaklari
مشروع إيكسن كونكلاري Exen konaklari في العمرانية في اسطنبول

Investing in Ümraniye in Istanbul :

“Ümraniye” is one of the major residential and investment areas on the Asian side of Istanbul. Investing in Ümraniye is considered one of the best investments in Istanbul, especially because the region is renowned on the Asian side of Istanbul, having a large population, which significantly increases demand for real estate and apartments for sale in Ümraniye, Istanbul. Investing in Ümraniye has several advantages, and here are some reasons that make Ümraniye an attractive destination for investment:

  1. Urban Development: Ümraniye is experiencing rapid and continuous urban development, witnessing the construction of modern residential and commercial projects regularly. This opens up opportunities for real estate investment, potentially increasing the investment value in the long term.
  2. Real Estate Demand: Ümraniye is a thriving and sought-after residential area in Istanbul, attracting many people looking for housing due to its central location, availability of services, and facilities. Therefore, investing in real estate in Ümraniye can provide excellent opportunities for property rental and achieving good return on investment.
  3. Advanced Infrastructure: Ümraniye boasts good infrastructure, providing abundant schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, and other public facilities. This enhances population growth and attracts more residents and investors to the area.
  4. Transportation and Roads: Ümraniye benefits from convenient and diverse transportation options, including the metro, buses, and major highways. Easy access to other areas in Istanbul facilitates movement within the city, increasing the area’s attractiveness for both investors and residents.
  5. Investment Environment: Istanbul, in general, offers a conducive business and investment environment. Ümraniye provides opportunities for trade, business, and industry, hosting numerous industrial zones and major companies in the area, along with a significant young workforce due to its dense population.


Ümraniye in the Asian side of Istanbul stands as one of the most important residential, investment, and commercial areas in Asian Istanbul. Its promising investment future is noticeable from now. At TURKEY STEP Real Estate, we offer you the best-suited real estate deals for living or investment in Ümraniye through a wide range of distinguished residential projects and apartments for sale in Ümraniye. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get the best exclusive offers from our Turkey Step Real Estate team.

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