Eyüp Sultan District in Istanbul and Detailed Information

Eyüp Sultan District in Istanbul and Detailed InformationEyüp Sultan District in Istanbul

Eyüp Sultan District in Istanbul and Detailed Information:

Eyüp Sultan District in Istanbul is one of the largest municipalities in European Istanbul, occupying a wide area of the city. It enjoys a distinctive strategic location, close to all vital and historical areas in Istanbul. Eyüp Sultan District is renowned for its rich history spanning multiple eras and successive civilizations on the land of Constantinople. In this article, we will introduce you to Eyüp Sultan District, its location, and the most important residential projects in the area.

Eyüp Sultan District | History and Location:

Eyüp Sultan District is an important area in Istanbul with a long history dating back to the Byzantine era when Constantinople was ruled by the Byzantines. After Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror captured the city of Constantinople, his first task was to search for the grave of the honorable companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. This took place on May 29, 1453. Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, the honorable companion, carried the Prophet Muhammad’s banner during the conquest of Constantinople in the era of the Umayyad Caliph Yazid ibn Muawiyah. He martyred in this battle and was buried in Constantinople. The area where the shrine is located was named after this honorable companion, and it became of great religious significance to the Ottoman Empire, due to the scarcity of shrines of companions on the lands of Turkey, unlike the Levant and other Arab regions. Near the shrine, the Abu Ayyub al-Ansari Mosque was built, becoming a significant religious symbol for the Turks. Due to the importance of this shrine, the sword of the Ottoman Empire was traditionally delivered at the shrine as a tribute to the status of this honorable companion who martyred at the gates of Constantinople.

Where is Eyüp Sultan District located in Istanbul:

Eyüp Sultan District is located on the European side of Istanbul and covers an area of 223.78 km2. Eyüp Sultan District is characterized by its proximity to the city center of Istanbul, as it is only 7 km away from Taksim Square, which is the city’s center. Therefore, Eyüp Sultan District is considered a central area of Istanbul due to its proximity to the city center. Eyüp Sultan District enjoys a strategic location, extending from the Golden Horn Bay in the south to the Black Sea in the north. It is surrounded by Sarıyer and Şişli Kağıthane in the east, Fatih, Zeytinburnu in the south, and Beyoğlu, Gaziosmanpaşa, Sultan Gazhi, Başakşehir, and Arnavutköy in the west. One of its distinguishing features is its unique view of the Golden Horn Bay and its vast coastline along the Black Sea. The population of Eyüp Sultan District is approximately 400,000 people, distributed among 28 residential neighborhoods belonging to this extensive district. Eyüp Sultan District is a separate municipality with its own center and government offices and is one of the largest municipalities in European Istanbul.

Ayoub Sultan Area in Istanbul | Infrastructure:

The Ayoub Sultan area is considered one of the important central districts in Istanbul due to its strategic location within the city. It stands out for its placement along key highways in Istanbul and its proximity to the city center. While many of its neighborhoods are old, they are undergoing reconstruction as part of the urban renewal plan established by the Turkish government to mitigate the risk of earthquakes and natural disasters in Istanbul.


The Ayoub Sultan area is situated along major highways in Istanbul, with three main routes passing through it: the E5 from the south, the E80 in its center, and the Marmara Road in the north. This location facilitates easy access to any part of Istanbul due to these three highways, which directly connect with the three bridges over the Bosphorus. Additionally, within the Ayoub Sultan area, there are interconnected roads linking neighborhoods and connecting Ayoub Sultan to surrounding areas and the city center. There’s a metro subway line connecting central Istanbul to the area, along with a tram line from central Istanbul to Ayoub Sultan that reaches several neighborhoods in the region. Not to be overlooked is the Metrobus route along the E5 highway, which also passes through Ayoub Sultan. Furthermore, Ayoub Sultan is accessible via ferries, an important means of transportation in the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosphorus, providing access to the Asian-side Esküdar area from Ayoub Sultan and vice versa.

Health Sector:

Within the Ayoub Sultan area in Istanbul, there is a public hospital and a large number of private hospitals scattered across its neighborhoods. The area also accommodates numerous healthcare centers, medical clinics of all types, and various specialties in all its neighborhoods.

Education Sector:

Ayoub Sultan houses several universities, both public and private, along with a considerable number of government and private schools. It also hosts diverse educational centers covering all specialties and educational stages for all age groups.

Government Sector:

Ayoub Sultan is a separate municipality, containing a municipal center, population directorate, tax department, and all other governmental facilities facilitating residents’ access to all necessary government services.

Public Facilities:

As Ayoub Sultan is a vast residential area with a relatively large population, it hosts numerous public facilities provided by governmental entities. These include a large number of mosques and places of worship, notably the Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari Mosque. Additionally, it encompasses many parks, forests, and green hillsides that serve as primary recreational spots for residents during weekends, particularly along the shores of the Golden Horn Bay. It also features numerous sports fields distributed throughout various neighborhoods. The shores of the Golden Horn Bay offer various family-oriented activities and gatherings along the coastal strip leading to the Marmara Sea. The area boasts several large shopping malls spread across multiple neighborhoods, in addition to large popular markets covering extensive areas in the region. Not to be forgotten are the role of cinemas, museums, and entertainment centers.

The most important tourist attractions in Eyup Sultan Istanbul:

As Ayoub Sultan is one of the old districts in Istanbul, it houses numerous historical and tourist sites that attract thousands of visitors coming to Istanbul for tourism. Below are some of the important tourist attractions in the Ayoub Sultan area in Istanbul.

Ayoub Sultan Mosque in Istanbul:

The Ayoub Sultan Mosque in Istanbul is one of the city’s important historical and tourist landmarks. It houses the tomb of the venerable companion Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari, who was martyred during the Siege of Constantinople. This aspect makes the mosque one of Istanbul’s significant tourist landmarks, with a great spiritual and religious significance in the city. It holds immense religious symbolism in Istanbul. After every election, President Erdogan visits the Ayoub Sultan Mosque and the tomb of the esteemed martyr companion Abu Ayoub Al-Ansari to celebrate his election victory.

Ayoub Sultan Cable Car in Istanbul:

The Ayoub Sultan Cable Car is one of the most captivating tourist landmarks in Istanbul. It offers a thrilling ride starting from the Golden Horn Bay, ascending to the peak of Pierre Loti Hill, which overlooks the Golden Horn Bay, the Sea of Marmara, and the city of Istanbul. Riding the cable car provides a unique opportunity to view numerous landmarks in Istanbul, including the Golden Horn Bay, in a way that’s exclusive to the cable car. The journey also offers many beautiful vistas along the way to the top of the hill.

Pierre Loti Hill in Ayoub Sultan, Istanbul:

Pierre Loti Hill in Ayoub Sultan is a significant tourist destination in the city. It’s a high hill that directly overlooks the Golden Horn Bay, the Sea of Marmara, and the vast green spaces surrounding the hill. The hill is renowned for its numerous family-friendly seating areas, cafes, and distinctive viewpoints that attract visitors in Istanbul.

Dolphinarium in Ayoub Sultan, Istanbul:

The Dolphinarium in Ayoub Sultan, Istanbul, stands as one of the most prominent entertainment centers in the city. It draws a large number of tourists who come to enjoy mesmerizing marine shows featuring dolphins, seals, and beluga whales. It’s among the top tourist destinations in the Ayoub Sultan area, attracting thousands of visitors daily for these entertaining shows.

Viaport Venezia Theme Park (Istanbul) in Ayoub Sultan, Istanbul:

The Viaport Venezia Theme Park in Ayoub Sultan, Istanbul, is the largest amusement park in Istanbul, covering an area of 16,000 m2. It houses a vast array of up to 50 amusement rides, in addition to a cinema hall, bowling alley, and commercial malls. It’s a distinctive venue suitable for all ages and serves as an enjoyable and entertaining place for families to spend quality time filled with fun.

Güzelcehisar Park in Ayoub Sultan, Istanbul:

Güzelcehisar Park is one of the most beautiful green parks in Istanbul, covering a vast area. It features extensive green spaces with numerous trees, along with sizable water bodies offering boat rides. The park also provides unique family seating areas.

Real Estate Prices in Eyüp Sultan, Istanbul:

Miniaturk Istanbul, situated in the Golden Horn area, encompasses vast green spaces featuring miniature models of Turkey’s significant landmarks. These include replicas of the Atatürk Mausoleum, Istanbul’s bridges, Hagia Sophia, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and many other historical sites. It’s considered one of Istanbul’s key tourist attractions, visited by thousands of tourists daily.

Real estate prices in Eyüp Sultan, Istanbul are considered relatively good, ranging between moderate and high, depending on the property’s location and type. Due to its proximity to Istanbul’s center, the property prices in Eyüp Sultan are not cheap compared to other areas farther from the center. However, they are not excessively high like areas closer to the center, which distinguishes Eyüp Sultan in Istanbul. Many parts of Eyüp Sultan are being renewed or undergoing redevelopment as they are among the older areas in Istanbul.

Some districts in Eyüp Sultan are undergoing reconstruction as part of the urban transformation plan approved by the Turkish government in Istanbul, aiming to address the risks of natural disasters and earthquakes in the city. Property prices in the Eyüp Sultan area frequently and rapidly rise within short periods. Since the beginning of 2023, property prices have significantly increased in the area due to the substantial overall price hike observed in Istanbul previously.

The rise in Eyüp Sultan’s property prices can be attributed to several factors:

  1. High demand for purchasing properties in Eyüp Sultan as it is a residential and commercial investment area close to Istanbul’s commercial center.
  2. Availability of a large number of apartments for sale in Eyüp Sultan, spread across all districts in separate residential buildings and luxurious housing complexes.
  3. Existence of several modern residential projects in Eyüp Sultan, offering distinctive sea views of the Golden Horn Bay.
  4. Eyüp Sultan’s high popularity among foreigners arriving in Istanbul for residence or investment due to its proximity to the city center.
  5. Extensive transportation network and roads within Eyüp Sultan, connecting all areas of Istanbul.
  6. Significant urban development in Eyüp Sultan, including new construction projects, continuous infrastructure upgrades, and redevelopment.

Eyüp Sultan is considered both a tourist and historical area, housing many important tourist attractions in Istanbul. Its proximity to Istanbul’s center, along with the diverse nature of properties (residential, commercial, and hotel), attracts all social classes in one place.

There are several notable real estate projects in Eyüp Sultan, Istanbul:

  • Atilgan Tower Project: A strategic project under construction in Ali Beyköy neighborhood, Eyüp Sultan, near Istanbul’s city center. Noteworthy for its proximity to various transportation means, including a tram station connecting Istanbul’s center to Eyüp Sultan.
  • SES PARK Project: A modern residential project offering a family living experience in a central location near the city center, close to a highway and a few meters away from the subway station leading to Istanbul Airport.
  • Vera Yaşam Project: An investment residential project under construction in the Levant 5 district, Eyüp Sultan municipality, near the E80 highway, and a few minutes away from Istanbul’s European center, suitable for residence, investment, and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • YEŞİLPINAR EVLERİ Project: A residential investment project under construction with Turkish government guarantee, located in significant districts of Eyüp Sultan, overlooking Istanbul’s Vialand City (formerly known as Vialand), providing a peaceful family living atmosphere in one of Istanbul’s important residential investment areas.
  • Baharyaka Bilgiler Project: A luxurious project with distinctive views of the Golden Horn Bay, situated near Istanbul’s European city center, suitable
  • for those seeking apartments for sale in Eyüp Sultan for residence, investment, or obtaining Turkish citizenship through property acquisition.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Eyüp Sultan in Istanbul is one of the most renowned areas in the city, housing numerous tourist attractions in addition to its religious symbolism among Istanbul’s residents. Due to its proximity to the city center, it possesses a dual residential and commercial investment character. Therefore, if you are seeking apartments for sale in Istanbul, the Turkey Step real estate company is fully prepared to assist you in acquiring the best real estate offers in Eyüp Sultan at competitive and distinctive prices. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team as we are a licensed real estate agent approved by the Turkish government.

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