Information about Zeytinburnu in Istanbul

Information about Zeytinburnu in Istanbul

Information about Zeytinburnu in Istanbul:

Istanbul is recognized as one of the largest and most beautiful cities globally, combining cultures, history, and remarkable geographic diversity. Among its captivating districts stands out Zeytinburnu, as one of the crucial residential and investment destinations in Istanbul. Zeytinburnu occupies a distinctive strategic location on the coast of the magnificent Marmara Sea, attracting many Turks and foreigners for residence. This article aims to introduce you to the location of Zeytinburnu in Istanbul, highlighting its significance and providing an overview of property prices in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul.

The Area of Zeytinburnu in Istanbul – History and Location:

Zeytinburnu in Istanbul is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the city, tracing its history back to the Byzantine era when it was situated at the gate of Constantinople. Some of its neighborhoods were part of the inner walls of Constantinople. After the Ottoman rule of Istanbul, it became a small village on the outskirts of Istanbul with a small population. Over time, this village started to grow, becoming one of the essential residential neighborhoods in European Istanbul. Zeytinburnu was established as an independent municipality in Istanbul in 1957 after its expansion and the addition of some nearby neighborhoods to the boundaries of Zeytinburnu. Subsequently, it rapidly evolved to become one of the largest residential areas in central Istanbul, situated on the coast of the Marmara Sea. With significant government interest in the area, it swiftly transformed into an important commercial, residential, and investment center in the city, becoming one of the key destinations for investment and living in European Istanbul.

Where is Zeytinburnu Located in Istanbul?

Zeytinburnu is situated on the European side of Istanbul, specifically on the western coast of the Golden Horn Peninsula, directly adjacent to the Marmara Sea, south of Zeytinburnu. The area lies amidst crucial residential zones and the center of Istanbul, which is considered the old city center. It is bordered to the east by the Fatih district, to the southwest by Bakırköy, to the west by Güngören and Esenler, and to the north by Eyüpsultan and Bayrampaşa. Zeytinburnu’s coastline is distinguished by its beauty and the presence of significant residential projects. Moreover, its location is strategically vital in the city, being close to the Bosphorus Strait, the Golden Horn Bay, and the center of European Istanbul.

Zeytinburnu in European Istanbul | Infrastructure:

Zeytinburnu is distinguished by its cultural and economic diversity, where inhabitants from various cultures and races coexist. The streets encapsulate both the essence of the past and the spirit of the present. The area boasts magnificent historical relics and splendid tourist attractions, establishing Zeytinburnu as one of the foremost residential areas in Istanbul.


Zeytinburnu is situated along two significant and major routes in Istanbul: the coastal road and the E5 expressway. The coastal road is pivotal among Istanbul’s transportation routes, connecting with the Eurasia Tunnel under the Bosphorus Strait, providing access to Asian Istanbul. Meanwhile, the E5 highway houses the Metrobus route, a crucial transportation artery between the two ends of Istanbul. Notably, the IDO (Istanbul Fast Ferry Company) terminal facilitates sea transport to Istanbul’s Asian side through yachts and ferries. Zeytinburnu stands as a vital transportation hub in Istanbul, where subway lines intersect with tramlines and Metrobus routes. This integration ensures easy access to any part of Istanbul through the available transportation modes. Furthermore, Zeytinburnu boasts an extensive public and private transport network covering its streets and neighborhoods, facilitating passenger transportation from all areas to metro and Metrobus stations, in addition to the surrounding regions and the center of Istanbul.

Transportation Hub in Zeytinburnu:

Zeytinburnu hosts an intersection of subway lines, Metrobus, and tramlines, solidifying its status as a transportation hub in Istanbul.


Within Zeytinburnu, numerous private hospitals are distributed across its neighborhoods, alongside a large government hospital situated near the area’s center. The region also houses various health clinics and medical centers catering to diverse medical specialties.

Education Sector:

Zeytinburnu encompasses several universities, both public and private, along with numerous government and private schools. Additionally, it accommodates educational centers across different specializations and academic stages.

Governmental Facilities:

As an independent municipality, Zeytinburnu hosts a municipal center, a civil registration office, a tax department, and all other necessary governmental facilities, ensuring residents’ access to various governmental services.

Public Facilities:

Zeytinburnu, as a vast residential area, hosts numerous public facilities provided by governmental entities. These include numerous mosques and places of worship, abundant parks acting as primary recreational spots during weekends, sports fields spread across neighborhoods, a beachfront along the Marmara Sea offering various family activities, shopping malls, expansive popular markets, cinemas, museums, and amusement parks.

Top Tourist Attractions in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul:

  1. Walls of Constantinople in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul:
    Zeytinburnu stands as part of the historic Walls of Constantinople, the gates through which the city was accessed. Substantial portions of these walls still exist within Zeytinburnu, providing a glimpse into the ancient history of the city. They extend from the seafront areas, covering vast stretches up to the adjacent district of Fatih. Being close to Istanbul’s center, Zeytinburnu provides convenient proximity to all historical landmarks in Istanbul.
  2. Zeytinburnu Coastline in Istanbul:
    The Zeytinburnu coastline along the Marmara Sea is among the city’s most beautiful coastal areas. It stretches along Zeytinburnu, featuring gardens, family seating areas, children’s play zones, walking paths, and cycling tracks. Numerous seaside cafes and restaurants adorn the coastline, making it a significant recreational space for locals and visitors. Particularly in summer and during weekends, it attracts crowds of tourists and residents alike.
  3. Panorama 1453 Historical Museum in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul (Panorama Tarihi Müzesi):
    The Panorama 1453 Historical Museum, established in 2009, showcases three-dimensional images and films depicting the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. It presents unique displays, including models representing the siege of Constantinople, offering a vivid portrayal of the city’s historic conquest. The museum features panoramic 3D light shows that immerse visitors in the captivating atmosphere of the historical event. Thousands of tourists visit this museum to explore Ottoman history and its battles against the Byzantine Empire.
  4. Zeytinburnu Medicinal Plants Garden (Zeytinburnu Tıbbi Bitkiler Bahçesi):
    This garden stands as Turkey’s largest medicinal plant garden, housing approximately 700 plant species, including rare and indigenous Turkish plants. Tourists and locals frequent this garden due to its rich variety of flora, some of which are exclusive to Turkey.
  5. Marmara Forum Mall in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul:
    The Marmara Forum Mall is among Istanbul’s renowned shopping centers. It hosts an array of stores featuring international and Turkish brands, offering clothing, footwear, household items, electronics, and more.

Zeytinburnu may not be as replete with historical landmarks due to its historical role as the beginning point of the Constantinople Walls. However, the area’s coastline, historical museum, medicinal plants garden, and shopping mall attract tourists and locals, offering a diverse range of experiences and attractions.

Real Estate Prices in Zeytinburnu in Istanbul:

Zeytinburnu in Istanbul is distinguished by a large number of residential projects, being a residential area close to the city center. It’s considered one of the major destinations for investors coming to Istanbul for housing, especially as it’s among the central residential areas in Istanbul. It’s characterized by a high demand for real estate, especially over the past few years, witnessing a significant increase in property sales to foreigners in Zeytinburnu. Property prices in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, have increased significantly in recent years due to several factors:

  1. High demand for purchasing real estate in Zeytinburnu as it’s an investment and residential area in the heart of Istanbul’s commercial center.
  2. Availability of a large number of apartments for sale in Zeytinburnu across various neighborhoods, within separate residential buildings and luxury housing complexes.
  3. Presence of luxurious and extensive residential projects in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, offering captivating panoramic sea views.
  4. Considerable popularity among foreigners coming to Istanbul for residence or investment purposes.
  5. Substantial interest from Arab investors and businessmen in Zeytinburnu due to its upscale nature and luxurious projects.
  6. Extensive transportation networks and major roads within Zeytinburnu, connecting all areas of Istanbul.

As for the diversity of property prices in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, they vary depending on the neighborhood, proximity to the sea, and transportation. In popular neighborhoods and older alleys, property prices are lower compared to areas closer to the sea and modern residential buildings. In modern residential complexes, prices are considerably higher, varying based on the project, size, and location. Projects near the sea tend to have relatively higher prices, and if the project is directly on the seafront, the price tends to be significantly higher.

Major Residential Projects in Zeytinburnu in Istanbul:

There are numerous modern residential projects in Zeytinburnu, especially along the coastal strip. These luxurious projects offer enchanting sea views and include both under-construction and completed residential developments. Here are some of the most important projects in Zeytinburnu:

  1. Loca Mahal Project: Located in the heart of Zeytinburnu with direct views of the Marmara Sea, it’s a ready-to-move-in project suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  2. YEDI MAVI Project: Positioned in the heart of Istanbul with captivating sea views, it’s among the luxurious projects suitable for Turkish citizenship.
  3. Beyaz Park Topkapı Project: A ready-to-move-in residential project attracting many investors and individuals looking to reside near the city center.
  4. Büyükyalı Project: Offers direct sea views, located in one of the most sought-after areas in Zeytinburnu, ideal for residency and investment.
  5. STONE PALACE Project: Situated in a prominent residential neighborhood in Zeytinburnu, close to various transportation options and suitable for both residency and investment.
  6. SELENIUM PARK Project: Centrally located in one of Zeytinburnu’s prime residential areas, minutes away from Istanbul’s center, suitable for Turkish citizenship.
  7. Bab Istanbul Project: Positioned in one of the upscale neighborhoods in Zeytinburnu, offering easy access to transportation and suitable for residency, investment, and obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Zeytinburnu in European Istanbul stands out as one of the prominent residential areas due to its centrality. It’s among the old areas in Istanbul, making it a prime destination for those seeking apartments or lands for sale. With ongoing urban development and new projects within the urban transformation plan by the Turkish government, Zeytinburnu remains an attractive area for real estate investment. If you’re interested in buying property in Istanbul, Turkey, our real estate agency, Turkey Step, is ready to assist you in finding the best real estate offers in Zeytinburnu that suit your preferences and budget. Feel free to contact our sales team, as we are a licensed real estate agent approved by the Turkish government.

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