Area of Esenyurt in Istanbul Comprehensive Information

Area of Esenyurt in Istanbul | Comprehensive Information

Area of Esenyurt in Istanbul | Comprehensive Information:

If you’re interested in the city of Istanbul, chances are you’ve heard of the Esenyurt area in Istanbul or someone has mentioned this famous area in the city to you. Esenyurt is considered one of the most renowned areas in Istanbul, particularly among Arabs. But why has Esenyurt gained this fame, attracting the majority of Arabs visiting Istanbul? Is Esenyurt a suitable investment zone? What are the major real estate projects in the Esenyurt area? All of this and more will be detailed in this article about the Esenyurt area in European Istanbul. Keep reading to learn more about this region.

Esenyurt Area in Istanbul | History and Location:

The Esenyurt area in Istanbul is one of the major municipalities in Istanbul, but it did not have a significant historical presence before the 19th century. There were no historical records about this area until it became a large agricultural area distributing its produce to the inhabitants of Istanbul. Urbanization and residential development began there. On March 22, 2023, Resolution 5747 was issued, granting Esenyurt the status of an independent municipality and dividing it into 43 neighborhoods, making it one of the 39 municipalities in Istanbul.

Esenyurt is considered one of the largest areas in Istanbul. It is said that its name was derived from one of the landowners in the area. The area spans 2770 km², and according to the 2022 statistics released by the Directorate of Population in Esenyurt, it has a population of 954,579 inhabitants. Esenyurt stands out for having the highest percentage of youth among the surrounding areas, making it a significant pool of young labor force in Istanbul.

Where is Esenyurt located in Istanbul?

Esenyurt is situated in the western part of Istanbul, extending over a vast area of the city. It lies in a central location between two major highways in Istanbul, namely E5 – E80. Its southern border is the fast road E5, while it extends beyond the fast road E80 to the north. This is one of its key distinguishing features. Esenyurt is located amidst several important, central, and investment-friendly municipalities in Istanbul. To the south lies the Beylikduzu area, separated only by the E5 highway. To the southeast lies the Avcilar area, which intersects with Esenyurt’s neighborhoods significantly. To the west lies the Buyukcekmece area with its large lake, connected by the main road linking E5 to E80. To the northeast, there is the Basaksehir area connected to Esenyurt via the Bahcesehir neighborhoods. To the north and northwest lies the Arnavutkoy area. As for the east, there is the Kucukcekmece area with its lake, which will serve as the entrance to the new Istanbul Canal. The strategic location of Esenyurt has made it one of the most residential, investment-friendly, and commercial areas in Istanbul in general, becoming a major attraction and one of the largest residential hubs in Istanbul.

موقع منطقة اسنيورت وما يحيط بها
Esenyurt in Istanbul

Infrastructure in Esenyurt, Istanbul:

Esenyurt, Istanbul is recognized as one of the modern areas in Istanbul, witnessing substantial infrastructure development in recent years. This transformation has positioned it as one of the most significant residential and investment zones in the city. Following its establishment as a separate municipality in Istanbul, Esenyurt has undergone various infrastructural advancements, cementing its place among the largest and most progressive municipalities. The area boasts a diverse range of neighborhoods, encompassing both old, popular residential districts and modern, upscale communities, distinguishing itself as a hub catering to all segments of society.


Esenyurt is regarded as a crucial transportation hub in Istanbul, primarily due to its strategic location between two vital city highways, the lifelines of Istanbul, namely E5 and E80. The E5 road, housing the metro bus route, a key transportation mode in Istanbul, traverses the southern part of Esenyurt. Moreover, plans are underway for a new subway line to reach the Esenyurt area, connecting Istanbul’s city center to Esenyurt and linking to the subway network extending to Istanbul Airport. Esenyurt boasts an array of transportation options connecting it to surrounding areas, featuring two main roads that link E5 with E80 expressways. Additionally, it’s approximately 45 kilometers away from the new Istanbul Airpo

الطرقات الرئيسية و المواصلات في منطقة اسنيورت اسطنبول
Transportation in Esenyurt in Istanbul

Healthcare Sector:

Esenyurt houses numerous private hospitals scattered across its neighborhoods, along with a large government hospital situated near the area’s center. Additionally, Esenyurt features a plethora of health centers and clinics, offering a wide range of medical specialties and services.

Education Sector:

The area hosts several universities, both public and private, along with a substantial number of government and private schools, including renowned international schools. It also accommodates diverse educational institutions spanning various specialties and academic levels.

Government Facilities:

Being a major municipality, Esenyurt encompasses municipal headquarters, population directorates, tax departments, and other governmental facilities, ensuring residents’ easy access to all government services without the need to travel to Istanbul’s city center.

Public Facilities:

As a large residential area, Esenyurt offers numerous public facilities provided by governmental authorities for its residents. The area features a prominent square, the famed Esenyurt Square, serving as a central point in the region. Esenyurt also hosts a considerable number of mosques and places of worship, numerous parks serving as primary recreational spaces for residents during weekends, as well as multiple playgrounds distributed across various neighborhoods. Moreover, the area boasts several large shopping malls situated in different neighborhoods, in addition to expansive popular markets. Notably, cinemas, museums, and entertainment centers contribute to the area’s public amenities.

Key Tourist and Entertainment Destinations in Esenyurt, Istanbul:

Esenyurt, Istanbul doesn’t have historical landmarks, initially consisting of fields, forests, and agricultural areas. However, with the influx of residents and significant population growth, the municipality has constructed various entertainment projects and tourist attractions in the area. Well-organized amusement parks, gardens, and recreational spaces have been established across Esenyurt’s neighborhoods, providing residents with leisure options.

Esenyurt Square:

Esenyurt Square in Istanbul is the most prominent square in the area, featuring a sizable plaza with seating areas and a large market within the square. With the arrival of Arab residents to Esenyurt and their settlement in the area, numerous Arab restaurants and stores selling Arab products have opened in the square. Consequently, the square has become the primary hub for Arabs in Esenyurt, Istanbul. Visitors might hear various Arabic dialects in the square, momentarily feeling as though they are in an Arab country due to the abundance of Arab restaurants and the Arab population present there.

ميدان اسنيورت مركز منطقة اسنيورت في اسطنبول الأوروبية
Esenyurt Square

The Public Parks in Esenyurt in Istanbul:

The Esenyurt in Istanbul is home to numerous parks, numbering approximately 70, including 10 substantial parks, among them the “President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park.” This park stands out as one of the most significant, largest, and most beautiful parks in Esenyurt. The park features a large artificial river, artificial lakes, waterfalls, extensive green areas, dedicated sports facilities, running tracks, cycling paths, playgrounds for children, and family seating areas distributed throughout the park.

Additionally, the city has several other parks, such as the Martyrs’ Park, which houses a large football field where local teams from the second and third divisions compete. There are reserved fields for public use, family seating areas, and barbecue spots.

حديقة الرئيس رجب طيب اردوغان في اسنيورت اسطنبول
The Public Parks in Esenyurt in Istanbul

Restaurant Street in the Republic Quarter, Esenyurt:

The restaurant street in the Republic Quarter of Esenyurt is considered the most distinctive destination for the area’s residents, particularly for its numerous upscale restaurants offering Turkish and Arabic cuisine. The street caters to family and youth gatherings, offering a variety of beverages, shisha, and a delightful ambiance.

The Chocolate Museum in Esenyurt in Istanbul:

The Chocolate Museum, situated in Esenyurt in Istanbul, stands as one of the area’s most important tourist attractions. It was built on the premises of the Bilir Chocolate Factory, covering an area of 25,000 square meters. Inside the museum, visitors can find replicas and models made of chocolate representing various landmarks of Istanbul, crafted in unique and captivating shapes. The museum attracts a substantial number of tourists, and visitors can also purchase chocolate from the museum.

متحف الشوكولا في منطقة اسنيورت في اسطنبول
The Chocolate Museum in Esenyurt in Istanbul

The Marmara Park Mall in Esenyurt in Istanbul :

Located on the fast E5 highway, the Marmara Park Mall in Esenyurt is one of the major shopping malls in Istanbul, particularly in the region. The mall houses numerous retail stores offering prominent global and Turkish brands for clothing, footwear, furnishings, household items, children’s products, electronics, among others. Additionally, the mall includes a cinema, gaming arcade, bowling alley, electronic gaming zone, and children’s play area. The top floor features a multitude of restaurants offering both Turkish and Western cuisines, including popular global chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and others.

مول مرمرة بارك في منطقة اسنيورت في اسطنبول
The Marmara Park Mall in Esenyurt in Istanbul

Real Estate Prices in Esenyurt in Istanbul:

Esenyurt stands out due to its large number of residential projects, making it one of the primary destinations for investors coming to Istanbul for housing. It represents a modern residential area in Istanbul and has witnessed a significant surge in real estate sales to foreigners, particularly in recent years. The prices of properties in Esenyurt have escalated substantially due to several factors:

  • High demand for purchasing properties in Esenyurt due to its status as a residential and commercial investment zone.
  • Abundance of apartments for sale across all neighborhoods in the region.
  • Presence of numerous luxurious and extensive residential projects in Esenyurt.
  • Considerable popularity among foreigners coming to Istanbul for residency or investment.
  • Substantial influx of Arabs into Esenyurt due to its Arab community and many large Arab markets.
  • Extensive transportation network and major roads within Esenyurt.
  • Urban development and modern infrastructure, continuously undergoing improvement.
  • The presence of the new Istanbul Canal project, some neighborhoods of Esenyurt being close to it.
  • Diverse property types in Esenyurt, including residential, commercial, and hotel properties catering to all societal strata in one place.
  • Abundant public services available within the Esenyurt area.

As for the diversity of property prices in Esenyurt, they vary depending on the neighborhood. In older, popular, and more established neighborhoods, property prices in Esenyurt are relatively inexpensive, especially in buildings aged more than 15 years. However, in modern residential complexes, the prices tend to be relatively higher, varying according to the project, its size, and location. For instance, residential projects near Esenyurt Square tend to have relatively higher prices compared to others.

There are neighborhoods in Esenyurt where property prices are considerably higher, such as the Republic Quarter, known for its Turkish and Arabic restaurants. It is considered one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Esenyurt and the most sought-after for property purchase in the area, being one of the newest residential quarters situated on the fast E5 highway and the Metrobus route, which has a specific Metrobus station for this neighborhood. This quarter boasts the highest number of modern and luxurious residential projects, alongside numerous investment and commercial projects. Additionally, it hosts the largest percentage of foreigners in Esenyurt living within its residential complexes.

The most important residential projects in Esenyurt in Istanbul:

Maydan Ardicli Project in Esenyurt in Istanbul:

The Maydan Ardicli Project is located near Esenyurt Square and at the entrance of Bahçeşehir district, on the main road connecting Bahçeşehir and Avcılar. What distinguishes the project is that it’s the largest residential project in the Esenyurt area. Additionally, it offers a view of Lake Küçükçekmece, which will be the entrance to the Istanbul Canal, meaning it overlooks the new Istanbul Canal. It is an investment-commercial residential project that includes a large commercial market and numerous residential buildings. While a significant portion of the project has been delivered, some parts are still under construction due to being developed in multiple phases.

شقق للبيع في اسنيورت مشروع ميدان اردشلي MAYDAN RDICLI – N 46 2

Self Istanbul Project:

The Self Istanbul Project is a family-oriented residential project situated in a strategic location in Esenyurt, directly on the transportation route between E5 and TAM lines, connecting Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir, and just 800 meters away from the Metrobus line.

بيوت للبيع في اسطنبول مشروع سيلف اسطنبول SELF ISTANBUL‏ – N 78 1

“Delta Dubai Comfort Project:

The Delta Dubai Comfort Project is the largest residential complex in the Esenyurt area of European Istanbul. It boasts a prime location on the road connecting Beylikdüzü and Bahçeşehir. It is among the most significant and largest investment residential projects in Istanbul. The project includes a 5-star hotel, a private school, a private hospital, commercial and residential buildings, and facilities for weddings, among other features.

“Ödül Istanbul Project:

The Ödül Istanbul Project is a massive residential complex designed for luxury and comfort, ensuring excellent return on investment in a short period. It’s located just minutes away from the Metrobus route in the Republic Neighborhood of Esenyurt, near the famous restaurant street. It’s a project in its final construction phase, suitable for both living and investment, offering the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship.

شراء شقة رخيصة في اسطنبول مشروع ODUL ISTANBUL – اودول اسطنبول – N 84 4

“Gümüş Panorama Project:

The Gümüş Panorama Project is a distinctive project situated on one of the most important streets in Esenyurt, offering a splendid sea view of the Marmara Sea, Lake Küçükçekmece, and the new Istanbul Canal directly. It’s ready for immediate occupancy and suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, as well as being ideal for both residency and high-profit investments.

“STower Project:

If you are looking for affordable apartments for sale in Istanbul, you might find what you’re looking for in the STower Project. It’s a new project under construction in a prime location overlooking Şehitler Park in Esenyurt. The project offers several special deals for purchasing apartments, investing in Turkey, and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

“Ahteran Istanbul Project:

The Ahteran Istanbul Project is located near Esenyurt Square and at the entrance of Bahçeşehir, giving it a prime location. The project is adjacent to the new metro subway station and overlooks Lake Küçükçekmece and, in some apartments, the new Istanbul Canal.

شراء شقة في اسنيورت في اسطنبول في مشروع AHTERAN Istanbul‏ – N 129 3

“Phantom Residence Project:

Apartments for sale in the Republic Neighborhood of Istanbul can be found in the Phantom Residence Project, one of the most significant projects in the area. It presents a new and unprecedented experience in the Republic Neighborhood, making it a major investment project. Phantom Residence will be one of the major investment projects in the Esenyurt area, providing opportunities for those interested in investing in Istanbul.

“Le Montana Istanbul Project:

Hotel apartments for sale in Esenyurt, Istanbul, are available in the Le Montana Istanbul Project. It’s a distinctive residential, investment, and hotel project located in one of the most important residential neighborhoods in Esenyurt, European Istanbul. It’s only a few minutes away from the fast E5 road, which includes the Metrobus line, and close to the Torium Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul. The project boasts a unique tower design with high-quality security features and excellent construction materials.

“Strada Project:

The Strada Project stands out for its location in one of the most important residential neighborhoods, Bahçeşehir, belonging to the Esenyurt area. With a modern and distinctive architectural design, the Strada Project is being built in three stages, with two stages completed and one stage currently under construction. It’s a suitable project for both residency, investment, and obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Esenyurt in European Istanbul is one of the most prominent residential areas, known for its Arab communities, Arabic restaurants, and markets. It is a prime destination for those seeking apartments for sale in Istanbul. The area houses several modern projects, and property prices are comparatively lower than other residential areas in Istanbul. If you’re in search of apartments for sale in Esenyurt, the Turkey Step real estate team is fully prepared to assist you in finding the best real estate offers in Esenyurt, allowing you to purchase a suitable property at a competitive and distinctive price. Feel free to contact our sales team as we are a government-licensed real estate agent in Turkey.

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