Bashakshehir Area in Istanbul Overview

Bashakshehir in Istanbul | Overview:

Bashakshehir in Istanbul | Overview:

No visitor to Istanbul can miss hearing at least a few words about the prominent area of Bashakshehir in Istanbul . It stands as one of the most renowned modern residential districts in Istanbul. However, many people are only familiar with superficial aspects of it. This comprehensive article aims to shed light on the entirety of Bashakshehir, detailing why it’s considered one of the best residential areas in Istanbul. Additionally, it highlights crucial investment opportunities and real estate projects within the area.

Bashakshehir in Istanbul | History and Location:

Bashakshehir in Istanbul was once characterized by mountains, hills, and forests until inhabitants started migrating and constructing houses in the area. It gained status as a separate municipality in 2008 after being separated from the Kucukcekmece region, becoming an independent municipality with a vast expanse. Since urban development commenced, major construction and real estate companies have launched projects in Bashakshehir, leading to increased residential occupancy rates. The significant governmental attention has transformed Bashakshehir into one of Istanbul’s foremost and most modern residential areas. It has become one of Istanbul’s most upscale and sought-after areas for both living and investment. In recent years, the Turkish government has initiated numerous colossal governmental projects, positioning Bashakshehir as a strategic center across various sectors in Istanbul.

Where is Bashakshehir Located in Istanbul?

Strategically situated, Bashakshehir occupies a unique position, precisely at the heart of the European part of Istanbul’s map. This strategic location sets it apart from other areas in Istanbul. Covering an area of 107 square kilometers, Bashakshehir is situated in the middle of eight crucial residential and investment zones in Istanbul, interconnected by an extensive transportation network. It is bordered to the north by the Arnavutkoy district, to the south by Kucukcekmece, Avcilar, and Bagcilar, to the east by Esenyurt, and to the west by Esenler, Sultanbeyli, and Eyup Sultan. One of its distinctive features is its adjacency to the route of the newly constructed Istanbul Canal, whose construction began in 2021. The canal passes through three neighborhoods within the Bashakshehir area, rendering it a distinctive and desirable residential and commercial investment zone for numerous investors eyeing Istanbul for either investment or residency purposes.

أين تقع منطقة باشاك شهير في اسطنبول  ؟ 
Bashakshehir in Istanbul

Infrastructure in the Bashakshehir in Istanbul:

Being one of the newest districts in Istanbul, Bashakshehir boasts the most cutting-edge infrastructure in Istanbul, especially in Turkey as a whole. Its pivotal position is highly regarded by the Turkish government and the Greater Istanbul Municipality, evident in the construction of three major governmental projects in the area. Here are some features that highlight the infrastructure in Bashakshehir:

1 – Transportation:
Bashakshehir holds a strategic position on Istanbul’s map, situated between eight of the most important central areas in Istanbul, making it a converging point for all transportation means and a strategic hub connecting these eight districts. Notably, Bashakshehir spans a wide area along the E80 expressway, intersected by the highway leading to the new airport and the Marmara Highway, Istanbul’s third transportation artery linking the third bridge on the Bosphorus and Istanbul Airport. Moreover, it includes a metro subway network connecting it to central Istanbul, and it will extend to Istanbul Airport through several stations within the Bashakshehir area and its neighborhoods.

2 – Istanbul Canal:
One of the standout features of Bashakshehir’s infrastructure is the new Istanbul Canal, which will traverse through the municipality’s territories, dividing it into two parts. This signifies that Bashakshehir, particularly its districts situated along the canal, will become crucial investment, commercial, and residential areas in Istanbul. This is further emphasized after the inclusion of three Bashakshehir districts in the regulatory plan of the new city on the banks of the Istanbul Canal, an announcement made by the former President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

(To learn more about the plan for the new city, you can click here and read the article.)

المواصلات وقناة اسطنبول المائية في منطقة باشاك شهير في اسطنبول
المواصلات وقناة اسطنبول المائية في منطقة باشاك شهير في اسطنبول

3 – Healthcare Sector:
Bashakshehir in Istanbul hosts the largest medical city in Europe, known as the “Medical City.” It stands as an extensive and comprehensive healthcare project designed to be a leading destination for treatment and healthcare in Turkey and the surrounding region. This medical city comprises a wide array of hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical centers equipped with modern facilities and advanced technologies. It serves as a significant reference point in the healthcare sector in Turkey, attracting patients from all around the world seeking top-notch treatment and care. The “Medical City” project is a massive and integrated healthcare initiative aiming to offer superior medical services and become a global hub for medical treatment and innovation.

أكبر مدينة طبية في اوروبا  (Medical City) في منطقة باشاك شهير في اسطنيول

Bashakshehir in Istanbul

4 – Educational Sector:
Within the Bashakshehir area, there exists a significant number of private and international universities with renowned names from the world’s top-tier institutions, alongside public and private schools and educational centers of various specialties.

5 – Public Government Facilities:
As Bashakshehir stands as a separate municipality, it encompasses various government services, including a dedicated municipality building, land registry directorate, taxation department, and population directorate, among many other governmental centers. Residents of Bashakshehir need not travel elsewhere to complete their governmental procedures.

6 – Public Facilities:
Bashakshehir is considered a prominent municipality in Istanbul, featuring numerous mosques. It hosts the largest mosque in European Istanbul, situated in the heart of Bashakshehir. Additionally, it boasts the largest square in Turkey and the largest botanical garden in Europe and Turkey. The area offers a plethora of recreational facilities, including parks, playgrounds, malls, markets, libraries, cinemas, and entertainment centers.

Key Touristic and Recreational Landmarks in Bashakshehir in Istanbul:

Given that Bashakshehir in Istanbul was once merely hills, mountains, and forests, it lacks historical and touristic landmarks; nearly everything within it is modern. Below are some of the significant tourist and recreational landmarks in the Bashakshehir area of Istanbul:

Bashakshehir Park in Istanbul (People’s Park):

Located in Bashakshehir in Istanbul the Kayaşehir Millet Bahçesi, or People’s Park, is the largest botanical garden in Turkey and the fifth-largest globally, spanning an extensive area of 5.61 million square meters. This park houses 145,300 trees, symbolizing the date of the fall of Istanbul in 1453. Featuring vast water areas, a theater accommodating over 2,000 people, diverse entertainment and social centers including a dedicated amusement park for children, this park is equipped to serve as a safe haven for residents in case of earthquakes or natural disasters, capable of sheltering thousands of people in the area.

حديقة باشاك شهير في اسطنبول ( حديقة الشعب )
حديقة باشاك شهير في اسطنبول ( حديقة الشعب )

The Water Valley in Bashakshehir in Istanbul (Sular Vadisi):

The Water Valley in Basaksehir, known as Sular Vadisi, stands out as a primary recreational landmark in the Basaksehir area of Istanbul. It extends across a vast area and hosts the longest walking trail, stretching over 20 kilometers. The valley is characterized by its abundance of trees and water bodies that run along its length. Additionally, it encompasses numerous recreational facilities, playgrounds, and five mosques distributed along the valley. Moreover, it includes a children’s amusement park within the Basaksehir area of Istanbul.

وادي المياه في باشاك شهير ( sular vadisi )
وادي المياه في باشاك شهير ( sular vadisi )

Bahçeşehir Göleti (Bahcesehir Pond):

Located in the Bahçeşehir neighborhood within the section belonging to the Bashakshehir in Istanbul, Bahçeşehir Göleti is a wide park that houses an artificial lake spanning 26,000 square meters. It stands as the largest artificial lake in Istanbul and also the first of its kind in the city. The park includes numerous cafes, restaurants, children’s play areas, biking and jogging paths, as well as dedicated spaces for sports activities.

بحيرة بهشة شهير BAHÇEŞEHİR GÖLETİ في باشاك شهير في اسطنبول
بحيرة بهشة شهير BAHÇEŞEHİR GÖLETİ في باشاك شهير في اسطنبول

Shamliar Forest in Bashakshehir in Istanbul:

Shamliar Forest is situated in Basaksehir and spans an area of 50,000 acres within the Shamliar neighborhood in Basaksehir, Istanbul. It serves as the primary recreational space for Basaksehir residents seeking to enjoy barbecues and leisure time amidst the greenery of the forest. Within this forest, numerous public facilities are available, including mosques, playgrounds, restroom facilities, cafes, and various other public amenities. Shamliar Forest serves as a major recreational area offering diverse facilities to cater to the needs of the local community in Basaksehir.

غابة شاملار في باشاك شهير في اسطنبول
غابة شاملار في باشاك شهير في اسطنبول

The People’s Library in Basaksehir, Istanbul:

The People’s Library in Basaksehir, Istanbul is located within the People’s Park in Basaksehir. It stands as one of the largest libraries in Turkey and the biggest library in Istanbul, housing a collection of 100,000 books. The library offers reading sessions, alongside study halls, conference rooms, exhibition halls, a mosque, and a café, providing a multifaceted environment that caters to various educational and cultural needs within the Basaksehir community.

مكتبة الشعب في باشاك شهير في اسطنبول
مكتبة الشعب في باشاك شهير

The Mall of Istanbul :

The Mall of Istanbul, located in Basaksehir, is one of the most renowned shopping malls in Istanbul. It attracts thousands of visitors daily and remains a favorite destination for tourists visiting Istanbul for sightseeing and shopping. Housing 350 retail stores featuring a wide array of luxury international and Turkish brands across various sectors, the mall caters to diverse shopping preferences. Additionally, it includes entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, and a theater presenting popular arts to entertain visitors. Furthermore, the mall hosts circus performances and children’s plays, offering a comprehensive entertainment experience for its visitors.

مول اوف اسطنبول MALL OF ISTANBUL في باشاك شهير في اسطنبول
مول اوف اسطنبول MALL OF ISTANBUL

Property Prices in Basaksehir, Istanbul:

Property prices in Basaksehir, Istanbul are among the highest in the city as it is one of the modern areas in Istanbul. The reasons for the high property prices in Basaksehir include:

  1. High demand for buying property in Basaksehir due to its luxurious residential investment status.
  2. The availability of a large number of apartments for sale in Basaksehir, although they barely meet the demand.
  3. Basaksehir contains numerous upscale and massive residential projects in Istanbul.
  4. Basaksehir’s popularity among foreigners coming to Istanbul for residence or investment purposes.
  5. Its proximity to the center of Istanbul.
  6. The extensive transportation network and roads within Basaksehir.
  7. The green views in some of its neighborhoods and the spacious open areas.
  8. Urban development and modern infrastructure in Basaksehir.
  9. The presence of the new Istanbul Canal project, which will divide Basaksehir into two parts, making it an important commercial and investment area.
  10. The centrality of Basaksehir between eight of the most important investment and residential areas in Istanbul.
  11. The diversity of properties in Basaksehir, including residential, commercial, hotel, and luxurious villa projects.
  12. The availability of extensive public services within Basaksehir.
  13. Basaksehir is a calm area with clean air and generally less congestion.

Property prices in Basaksehir, Istanbul vary according to the property’s location. Each neighborhood within Basaksehir has a specific price. Additionally, the type and luxury level of the project play a significant role in property prices in Basaksehir. The average price per square meter of property in Basaksehir reached 27,486 Turkish Lira according to the latest statistics provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute. Comparing property prices in Basaksehir over the last five years, there has been a significant increase in the price per square meter. This means that those who purchased property in Basaksehir in 2018, for example, can sell the property at a very high profit, particularly in US dollars, as property prices have increased in both Turkish Lira and US dollars. Despite the decrease in the value of the Turkish Lira against the dollar, this has not affected the rise in property prices in Istanbul; on the contrary, property prices in Istanbul have significantly increased recently.

Significant Residential Projects in Basaksehir, Istanbul:

Basaksehir hosts numerous luxurious residential projects that have completed construction and have been delivered to buyers, while there are still many projects under construction and others in the planning phase, ready to commence construction soon. Basaksehir offers many opportunities, such as having a large number of apartments for sale at various prices and various ongoing projects. Here are some of the prominent residential projects in Basaksehir:

Başakşehir Avrasya 3 Project (Başakşehir Avrasya 3):

It’s a continuation of the famous Başakşehir Avrasya series of projects that gained significant popularity among Turkish and foreign investors coming to Turkey for investment or residency purposes in a prestigious and distinctive location. The Başakşehir Avrasya 3 Project is considered one of the most important modern projects in the Basaksehir area. It offers a distinctive residential investment opportunity, as well as the chance to obtain Turkish citizenship through property ownership in Turkey. The project is assessed for investors seeking investment opportunities and Turkish citizenship by purchasing properties in Turkey.

The Başakport Project:

The Başakport Project is an ongoing residential investment project constructed in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the renowned Basaksehir district. It falls under the category of family-oriented residential projects, offering a distinctive living opportunity in an upscale location close to the center of Istanbul. The Başakport Project is among the observed projects in Basaksehir, suitable for those seeking peaceful and upscale living near the city center. Additionally, it is ideal for investment purposes, providing a remarkable return on investment. The project’s evaluation also caters to individuals interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship through property acquisition in Istanbul.

The Lotus Towers Project:

The Lotus Towers project is situated in one of the most significant modern residential and investment areas in Basaksehir, just minutes away from vital hubs. It is positioned between two metro stations linking Basaksehir to the center of Istanbul and the new Istanbul Airport. Additionally, the Lotus Towers Project is only a short walk from Europe’s largest medical city and a few minutes away from the largest botanical garden and park in Turkey. Therefore, the project offers an exceptional residential opportunity combined with significant investment potential for those seeking to invest in Istanbul through property acquisition and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The Luxera Nevbahar Project:

The Luxera Nevbahar Project is currently under construction, scheduled for completion in 2024, and construction activities are progressing according to the planned timeline. This project stands out for its luxurious design tailored for family living and its expansive green spaces. Moreover, Luxera Nevbahar is one of the major real estate projects with a high appraisal value. It is suitable for residential purposes, investment opportunities, and eligibility for obtaining Turkish citizenship.


The MEYDAN BAŞAKŞEHİR project, also known as Başakşehir Square, stands as one of the most significant and largest residential and investment projects in the Başakşehir region. It is a project backed by the Turkish government through a partnership with the renowned Emlak Konut company in Turkey. The project’s notable features include its location within vital residential neighborhoods, which encompass governmental facilities such as the Population Directorate and the Metro Kent subway station. Additionally, it benefits from its proximity to various transportation networks. The project is suitable for both residential living, investment purposes, and eligibility for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Sama Istanbul Air Başakşehir :

“Sama Istanbul Air Başakşehir” is an under-construction project of hotel apartments situated in Başakşehir, one of the most significant residential and investment areas in Istanbul. This project is suitable for those interested in purchasing hotel apartments in Başakşehir. “Sama Istanbul Air Başakşehir” is considered one of the distinguished projects with a massive investment potential in the most sought-after areas of Istanbul. It caters especially to Arab businessmen and investors looking to invest in Istanbul for both residential and commercial purposes.

The conclusion:

Başakşehir stands out for its tranquility, safety, and provision of a serene environment for peaceful living. Moreover, its strategically central geographical location makes it easily accessible to other areas in Istanbul. Being a modern and thriving residential area on the European side of Istanbul, it offers high-quality facilities and services, making it an ideal place for comfortable urban living. Therefore, whether you are seeking a sophisticated residence in Istanbul or aiming for a high-profit investment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer the finest and competitive real estate deals in Başakşehir, comprising a wide array of residential and investment projects, including apartments for sale in Başakşehir.

As Turkey Step, a certified and licensed real estate agent in Turkey approved by the Turkish government, our team is capable of providing you with the happiness and comfort you seek in a comfortable residence and a high-return investment. So, get in touch with us and seize the opportunity for property ownership in Başakşehir, Istanbul.

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