Emlak Konut Company and the Meaning of Government Guarantee in Turkey

Emlak Konut Company and the Meaning of Government Guarantee in Turkey

Emlak Konut Company and the Meaning of Government Guarantee in Turkey:

Often we see advertisements for real estate projects in Turkey accompanied by the phrase “government-guaranteed” or “apartments for sale with Turkish government guarantee” or “apartments for sale in Istanbul with Emlak Konut government guarantee.” Many wonder what it means for a project to be guaranteed by the Turkish government and what the benefit of this guarantee is. Who is the Emlak Konut company? What is Emlak Konut’s guarantee? And what are the most important government-guaranteed projects in Turkey? All the answers to these questions and others can be found in this comprehensive article about the Emlak Konut company and its real estate guarantee in Turkey.

Who is Emlak Konut?

Emlak Konut company is one of the oldest construction and real estate companies in Turkey and is directly affiliated with the Turkish government. It was established in 1953 to be a governmental real estate and construction company to meet the needs of the Turkish real estate market by building housing, government centers, commercial centers, and more. It is an old joint-stock company, with 50.6% owned by the Emlak Konut company, which is traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, and 49.4% owned by the Housing Development Administration of Turkey, which is under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey. Emlak Konut is one of the largest and oldest real estate and construction companies in Turkey, ranking first as the largest real estate company in Turkey and 121st in the world in the list of the largest global real estate companies. Over its five decades of existence, Emlak Konut has completed 131 residential projects using its own funds only, with the highest value being 24 billion Turkish liras in projects it constructed in Turkey in previous years.

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What is the Emlak Konut Guarantee?

When searching for properties in Istanbul, you often come across projects advertised as “government-guaranteed” or “guaranteed by Emlak Konut.” However, many people may not fully understand the significance of this guarantee for new projects, especially those under construction. Therefore, let’s clarify the meaning and importance of a project being government-guaranteed or guaranteed by Emlak Konut, bearing in mind that Emlak Konut is a longstanding governmental company.

The meaning behind such a guarantee is that Emlak Konut acts as a partner to the construction company responsible for the project. In such cases, Emlak Konut’s role is to oversee and supervise all stages of construction, from planning to completion and delivery. This includes ensuring the quality of materials used, planning and executing the project’s infrastructure, and environmental regulation. Additionally, Emlak Konut intervenes when necessary to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. The government or Emlak Konut guarantee ensures that the project is executed according to the contract and delivered on time, adhering to the agreed-upon construction schedule.

All projects guaranteed by Emlak Konut have been delivered to buyers on time. Emlak Konut’s involvement provides assurance to buyers that the project is reliable, with no issues during construction, finishing, or delivery. Therefore, buyers benefit from various advantages when purchasing properties covered by Emlak Konut’s guarantee.

Emlak Konut’s Tasks in Guaranteeing Residential or Commercial Projects:

  1. Supervision and Audit During Planning and Pre-Sale:

Before any unit within a project guaranteed by Emlak Konut is sold, the company ensures that all necessary permits, whether residential or commercial, are obtained. Emlak Konut prohibits the sale of any unit or the project itself until all approvals and permits are secured to commence construction. Additionally, it verifies all materials presented to clients through catalogs, electronic files, images, and promotional materials to ensure the project’s quality and credibility.

  1. Supervision and Oversight During Sales and Marketing:

Before any advertisement is published in magazines, visual media, social media, or other platforms, Emlak Konut must approve the content to verify its accuracy and suitability. During the sales process, a representative from Emlak Konut must be present when drafting the sales contract, ensuring that all necessary documents are included to avoid future disputes between the buyer and the construction company. Subsequently, property ownership deeds (tapu) are issued along with other relevant documents to confirm the buyer’s ownership.

  1. Supervision of Construction Processes:

Emlak Konut provides construction engineers, civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and landscape engineers at the project’s commencement. It establishes an office to oversee construction activities, ensuring the quality of materials, labor safety, and environmental compliance. Emlak Konut monitors the quality of materials used for infrastructure and construction, conducting regular tests to ensure compliance with agreed-upon specifications.

  1. Oversight of Project Delivery and Post-Occupancy:

Before handing over the project to buyers, Emlak Konut must approve the completion, conducting audits on all aspects of construction and infrastructure. It oversees the issuance and delivery of property deeds (tapu), housing permits, and other necessary documents, all in accordance with pre-established dates. After occupancy, buyers can lodge complaints with Emlak Konut for resolution. Additionally, a post-occupancy review is conducted one year after delivery to verify project quality and customer satisfaction.

The Pricing of Emlak Konut Projects (Government-Guaranteed Projects) in Istanbul:

There is a wide range of government-guaranteed or Emlak Konut-guaranteed projects in Istanbul, some of which have been completed, while others are still under construction. These projects vary between residential developments targeted at the working class and those aimed at investors and businessmen, depending on their location. Property prices differ based on the area’s land value, with central Istanbul areas commanding higher prices and decreasing as you move away from the city center. Additionally, the project’s quality and included amenities significantly affect property prices. For instance, luxury projects with premium prices located in central Istanbul with views of the Bosphorus, such as Nişantaşı Koru project, have gained popularity among investors and businessmen for offering unique features in a central location in Istanbul.

شقق للبيع في نيشانتاشي اسطنبول مشروع Nisantasi – N 165 1

The most important projects of Emlak Konut in Istanbul:

If you are looking to acquire housing in a family-oriented project at a special price with a view of the Istanbul Canal, you can find that in the famous Bezm-i Alem projects, known as some of the best projects in the Esentepe area. Currently, three projects are being simultaneously constructed on the banks of the Istanbul Canal, offering a distinctive view of the new Istanbul water canal, Küçükçekmece Lake, and the Sea of Marmara, just a minute away from the E80 highway. These projects include:

BIZIM EVLER 9 Project, which stands out for its elevated location, providing a splendid view of the Sea of Marmara, Küçükçekmece Lake, and the new Istanbul Canal. The project is classified as family-oriented and boasts a high real estate rating, making it suitable for those interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship.

شقق للبيع في سبارتاكوليه اسطنبول الاوروبية مشروع Bizim Evler 9 -10 – N-208 (1)

BIZIM EVLER 10 Project” is one of the largest projects in the Beyaz Evler area in Spatacule, with a direct view of the Istanbul Canal, Küçükçekmece Lake, and the Sea of Marmara. It is distinguished by its suitability for family living, extensive green spaces, and high-quality services. Additionally, it boasts a high real estate appraisal, making it suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship as well.

شقق للبيع في سبارتاكوليه اسطنبول الاوروبية مشروع Bizim Evler 9 10 – N 208 8

BIZIM EVLER 11 Project is the latest addition to the series of Bezm-i Alem projects and is currently under construction in the Esentepe neighborhood of European Istanbul. It is located near the E80 highway and Küçükçekmece Lake, directly overlooking the new Istanbul water canal and Küçükçekmece Lake. This project is set to become one of the most significant residential and investment projects in Istanbul as a whole. With its high project rating, it is suitable for those interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of an apartment in Istanbul.

“The Referans Beylikduzu Project” is a residential project currently under construction in the Beylikduzu area of European Istanbul. It is one of the distinguished projects known for its family-oriented character, featuring modern and sophisticated design that offers open views for all apartments, especially the internal ones, overlooking vast green spaces. This provides residents with a sense of tranquility and peace within the project. Moreover, the project includes all recreational and social amenities intended to provide residents with enjoyment and comfort.

مشروع Referans Beylikduzu شقق للبيع في بيليك دوزو - N-217 (5)
مشروع Referans Beylikduzu شقق للبيع في بيليك دوزو – N-217 (5)

“The VEMA TUZLA Project” is one of the most beautiful residential projects in the Tuzla area of Asian Istanbul, offering a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea and direct access to the highway. It is a massive residential and investment project currently under construction, providing tremendous investment opportunities. The project offers a resale guarantee with a profit margin of 35% after only 3 years, making it one of the best investment projects in the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

شقق للبيع في توزلا في اسطنبول الأسيوية مشروع VEMA TUZLA N 202 2

“The Ebruli Ispartakule Project” is one of the most significant projects in the Ispartakule area, under the administration of the municipality of Kucukcekmece. It is part of the successful Ebruli project series, distinguished by its direct view of the new Istanbul Canal and its proximity to all transportation lines in the area. Additionally, with the upcoming arrival of the metro subway line to the area, the metro station will be located close to the project, enhancing its accessibility and appeal.

شقق للبيع في اسطنبول بهشة شهير مشروع ايبرولي إسبارطة كولة Ebruli Ispartakule- N-159 (7)

“The Tual Comfort Project” is a currently under-construction project offering direct views of the new Istanbul Canal. Located in the Ispartakule district in European Istanbul, it is a residential investment project designed for families. It encompasses various recreational and social amenities, all at competitive prices, and is conveniently situated near all types of transportation.

شقق للبيع في اسطنبول بهشة شهير مشروع Tual Comfort n 162 2

Here is the translation of the conclusion:

“If you are searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul with the guarantee of the Turkish government or looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul with installment plans and the guarantee of the Turkish government, do not miss the opportunity to own property within one of these luxurious projects in Istanbul.


Emlak Konut is one of the oldest and most reputable construction companies globally, not just in Turkey. Therefore, do not hesitate to purchase real estate in any residential project if you read that it is guaranteed by the Turkish government. However, you must first ensure that the project indeed has government backing. This can be done through the construction company itself or by dealing with a trusted real estate agent like Turkey Step, which provides you with the best residential and investment options tailored to you and your family.

So, feel free to contact us to get the best property for you with the guarantee of the Turkish government.

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